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Convert GIF to BMP (Bitmap) Files On Any Windows Operating Device

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The BMP format is extremely flexible, supporting different colour depths, profiles, and alpha channels. It may also be used to compress data and are supported by wide range of operating system. So, if you believe that BMP files are better suited to your needs than GIF files, you can swap them. By thoroughly reading this instructive post, you will be able to figure out how to convert GIF to BMP.

The majority of image editing tools support the GIF file format, which has led to a number of instances of infringement of intellectual property rights. The Bitmap (pixel by pixel) format, most commonly referred to as BMP, is one of the oldest formats available and also one of the most straightforward. It was initially implemented in the Windows operating system. BMP pictures are extremely huge files and do not utilize compression.

The Best Way to Convert Animated GIF Files to BMP Bitmap Files.

DotStella’ Image File Converter is a specialized tool to convert GIF to BMP. This toolkit can convert many image file types to multiple distinct formats. It can convert tens of thousands of GIF pictures to BMP in bulk. It is completely safe and secure, and the image quality is preserved throughout conversion. We have explained the steps necessary to convert GIF file to bitmap file. Follow the steps listed below to completely grasp how the tool operates.

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Please take note that a free demo version of the GIF to BMP converter that comes highly recommended is available. Before you purchase the instrument, you will be able to acquire a deeper grasp of how it works with the help of this version. You are welcome to experiment with its operations, convert GIF files to BMP as well as to SVG, JPG, WEBP and more, and check how well it functions. After that, you will be able to acquire its licence version for an unlimited number of conversions.

All the Steps to Convert GIF to BMP Files

  • The GIF to BMP Converter may be downloaded to a device that is Windows-compatible. After downloading the tool, complete the setup and launch it to convert GIF files to bitmap.download gif to bitmap converter
  • Select the GIF files from the drop-down menu after clicking the Open Select Choose Files or Choose Folders to explore and add all necessary GIF files to the software.choose files or folders
  • Search for and upload each GIF file from your device. After that, you must preview them.preview gif files
  • When you’ve finished adding all of your files to the tool to convert GIF file to bitmap, select BMP from the drop-down menu under the Export tab.select bmp saving option
  • By pressing the browse option, you may choose your desired location for the created files. To finally convert GIF to BMP, click the save.click save to convert gif to bmp

Your GIF files will now be quickly converted into bitmap files, and you’ll be informed when it’s finished. That completes the process of converting a GIF image to a BMP file. We advise you to look at a few of the tool’s features after the procedure. You will be able to understand the tool better as a result.

Discover Some Features of the GIF to BMP Converter Tool

  • GUI: You won’t have any trouble getting the hang of the tool because of its user-friendly interface, regardless of whether this is your first time using it or not. It features a pretty straightforward user interface, and there won’t be any difficulties at any point in the converting process.
  • Batch Conversion: The GIF to BMP Converter attempts to convert a large number of files simultaneously. There are no limits when you wish convert GIF to BMP in bulk.
  • Dual Mode Data Selection: To upload GIF files to the software, you will have two options for data selection. You can choose between picking individual files and whole folders.
  • Image Analysis: Before converting GIF files to bitmap, examine them. This tool gives a comprehensive look of all of your submitted images.
  • Compatibility with Different Devices: The GIF to BMP converter is compatible with all devices that run Microsoft Windows. It is compatible with all editions of Windows, including Windows 11, Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 1, as well as prior versions.


Using a GIF to bitmap converter makes it simple to convert GIF to BMP format in bulk on any Windows-based device. It offers a user-friendly interface and a variety of advanced capabilities that might be of assistance in making the data translation process go more efficiently. Download instructions for the free version are included on the aforementioned URL. You should get the toolkit quickly and start converting your GIF files for free to bitmap and also to TIFF, PNG etc. as per your requirement.