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Convert GIF File to AI Files While Maintaining Image Quality

Admin ~ Published: 14-Jul-2022 ~ Convert Data ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Would you want to have your animated GIFs converted to AI format? Are you completely clueless on how to carry out this conversion? If that’s the case, you can receive some help on this website. It contains a simple method to convert GIF file to AI format. Therefore, you should immediately begin analysing the data in order to locate the optimal answer.

Think About Some Benefits Associated with the AI Format

  • Depending on the specifics of your project, the AI file type could perform more effectively than the others in certain situations. You are aware of the following fact: AI pictures are often the preferred image file type for printing Illustrator drawings due to the fact that they may be enlarged to an unlimited extent. These files are often quite little, which makes it easy to send them to others, publish them, and save them.
  • AI files may be used to create pictures, logos, and icons with gorgeous typography, as well as transparency, layering, and other effects. When you use the application Illustrator to produce a design, you will know that you are working with the appropriate format since AI files were developed exclusively for use with Illustrator.

A Hassle-free Technique to Convert GIF File to AI

DotStella Image Converter is widely considered to be both the most effective and trustworthy GIF to AI converter. It is capable of converting an unlimited number of GIF files simultaneously without encountering any difficulties. You may also verify the files before converting them, which ensures that the file you are transferring is the one which you want to change. In addition, the period of time required by the tool to convert an image from GIF format to AI format for free is fairly brief. It is strongly suggested that you educate yourself about the process in order to make appropriate use of the instrument.

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Step-by-step Guide to Convert GIF to AI Files

  • Get the GIF to AI converter on your device by downloading it. After that, you will need to begin the installation process in accordance with the terms and conditions, and then you may finally use the programme to convert GIF file to AI.download gif to ai converter
  • Now, on the top menu bar, choose the “Open” option, and then choose “GIF” from the drop-down menu that appears. To move the GIF files into the tool, select the option to either choose Files or choose Folders.choose files or folders
  • Once all of the files are displayed in the left pane of the application to convert GIF to AI, you will be able to preview them in their entirety by clicking on any of the files.preview images
  • After the picture analysis is complete, navigate to the tab labelled Export, and once there, pick AI from the list of possible saving options using the drop-down menu.select ai saving option
  • Click the Save button to complete the process to convert GIF to AI once you have browsed the available locations to find the one that will best accommodate your AI files.click save to convert gif file to ai

Select GIF files will be transformed to AI files in a matter of seconds. When it’s done, you’ll be notified. In this way, the utility may convert GIF to AI with high-quality. Look at the following functions to see how well it performs that.

GIF to Ai Converter Tool: Functions and Benefits

  • Simple to Use: The software makes it simple to convert GIF file to AI. You won’t encounter any difficulties throughout the converting procedure because to the utility’s incredibly user-friendly UI.
  • Bulk Convert GIF to AI: Bulk conversion is possible using the aforementioned GIF Animation to AI Converter application. You can convert an unlimited number of files at once.
  • Image Analysis: A built-in preview feature is available in the tool. Before changing the format of your GIF images, you may preview all of your GIF files in the tool.
  • Browse Destination: The tool lets you choose the location where you want the generated files to be stored. You may find a folder or other location to save AI files by clicking the “Browse” button.


You may now easily convert GIF file to AI file. The suggested GIF to AI converter contains so many characteristics that it makes the process easier to do. There is also a free trial version available for testing the product. The trial edition also allows you to convert GIF files to a variety of other file formats such as EPS, BMP, SVG, TIFF, and others. The download link is located above. Get the software to begin on your conversion as soon as possible.