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How Can I Import EML Files into Apple Mac Mail ? Here’s The Help to Your Issue

Admin ~ Published: 23-Dec-2020 ~ Convert Data ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Several email clients like Windows Live Mail, Thunderbird, Outlook Express, etc., create EML files to store mails locally. Also, when business clients download an email from Gmail account, they receive a file with .eml extension. Now the circumstances occur where professionals demand for a foolproof solution to import EML to Apple Mail.

Hello All! My sister had gifted me a Mac laptop on my birthday. Currently, I use a laptop having Windows 10 in which I use Thunderbird for exchange of emails. Now, I don’t want all data of Thunderbird to be moved in Apple Mail. Around 600 to 700 important EML files of Thunderbird I had created, which I wish to import in Mac Mail. Please can you help me out by telling me a workable and easy solution to import import EML files to Mac Mail. Thanks in advance!

Can I move EML files to Mac Mail? Such sort of queries arise commonly in today’s digital world. Therefore, today’s DotStella post is dedicated towards offering of an effective and efficient method to import .eml messages into Apple Mail. The solution as EML to Apple Mail converter has been tested by a team of experts from different corners of the world so, officials can rely on it for their purpose. You can rely on the measure for accomplishing your task.

How to Import EML to Apple Mail ?

  • Launch EML to Mac Mail converter wizard on your computer.
  • Now click on Open >> EML Files >> Choose Folder option.
  • Add the folder having multiple .eml files in it to proceed further.
  • Preview the messages with attachments and hit on Export.
  • Choose MBOX and hit on Save button to archive EML into MBOX.
  • At last, open your Mac PC and import output MBOX in Apple mail.

EML to Apple Mail Converter Software – Process Description

Nowadays market is flooded with numerous utilities to import EML files into Apple Mail. But, we suggest you to opt for DotStella EML to Mac Mail converter. This suggestion is not given for branding purpose but, to provide our readers a perfect and affordable solution for their tech issues.

People can use it to bulk import EML files in Mac Mail without data loss. Below-mentioned are the steps to move EML files to Mac Mail in an effortless manner :

  • Download the setup file of EML File Converter on your system and install it. The installation procedure consumes hardly 30 seconds to get completed.

download software

  • Launch the recently installed app and then, click on Open tab select Choose Folder button to add several files collectively in one cycle.click choose folder option
  • Locate towards the location where the folder having EML files is archived and then, click on it. Hit on Select Folder button to get back to the software wizard.browse eml folders
  • The tool starts extracting content from the EML folder and loads all the retrieved data on its preview wizard. Here, you can read EML messages to check them before conversion.preview emails before import into apple mail
  • Continue with the procedure to import EML to Apple Mail by clicking on Export >> MBOX.select mbox saving option
  • Define the location to save resultant MBOX file and then, click on Save button.click save to import eml to apple mail

When the file conversion procedure gets completed, connect the pen drive to your PC and copy paste the resultant file in it.

Connect the same pen drive with Mac system and then, import output MBOX file in Mac Mail.

Additional Help – In case you don’t know the method to import MBOX file in Apple Mail, visit https://www.dotstella.com/blog/import-olm-file-into-apple-mail/ website for assistance.

Why Not To Import EML into Mac Mail Manually?

You must be thinking that ‘why we are recommending you automated solution to move EML files to Mac Mail? Why we are not suggesting you manual technique for them?’

Well, the birth of such questions in mind is pretty obvious and you must be thinking that all this is done for branding purpose. As we told you earlier as well, we are not here for advertisement but, to provide simplified solution to users’ problem.

Every user wants a free method to import .eml messages into Apple Mail. But, this solution is applicable only for 10 to 15 EML files and that too on high risk of data loss. Apart from this, there are several reasons due to which we don’t suggest manual approach and few are listed below :

  • When huge amount of EML files are there to be imported in Mac Mail, manual workaround terminates abruptly. It is so because the manual way is not applicable for bulk data and hence, we suggest you to use EML to Mac Mail converter.
  • Sometimes a situation arises where officials don’t have a Mac platform still, they wish to convert .eml messages to Apple Mail. In such case, manual approach fails and this calls for an application like EML to Apple mail converter, to import EML files to Mac Mail.


Its not easy to import EML to Apple Mail because the procedure includes migration between two different platforms. Therefore, it is strongly recommended to use EML to Mac Mail converter to import EML files to Mac Mail. This solution is completely safe and one can get this app for free from its official website.