EML File Forensics Tool

The most comprehensive toolbox available for analysing EML emails and attachments.

  • Perform In-depth Analysis of EML file without any support application.
  • Scan & Analyze EML files in bulk to save valuable time for investigators.
  • Extract information about header, sender, subject, MIME, hex values.
*Free Download is only for evaluation and provides preview of messages and limited conversion of EML files data

#No.1 EML Forensics Wizard with Extensive Functionalities

EML Forensics Software is a programme that allows you to examine emails and attachments. All essential EML components are checked and analysed, including the header part, main message body, email characteristics, and any attachments. To investigate the contents of EML files, investigators may utilise a variety of modes, including Advance Search.

  • EML File Analysis tool is designed with consistent & clear user interface.
  • Open email content in three modes: Normal, Properties and Hexadecimal.

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examine all eml properties

A Standalone App to Examine All EML Properties

This EML file Forensic tool analyses EML files with attachments in a quick, efficient, and powerful manner. It can review and retrieve evidence from big EML files. It is meant to assist you in cases when you can't open EML file. Investigators may now examine EML files at any time without having to install any software. The application can scan email files for all necessary data and attachments.

  • Quick and Advance Search mode for the detailed analysis of EML Files.
  • Read the EML file Metadata information for the investigation process.

Discover Key Features of the EML File Forensics Tool

EML File Analysis from All Email Clients

EML File Analysis from All Email Clients

The EML file Analysis tool is a reliable solution to look over EML files with attachments. The tool can provide a examination of EML files from email clients such as Mozilla Thunderbird, Outlook Express, Apple Mail, Windows Live Mail and more. It is a simple application for extracting evidence and information from multiple EML files with attachments.

Analysis of EML Files with Attachments

Analysis of EML Files with Attachments

The EML forensics app can analyse EML files in their entirety, including attachments. It not only gives you a thorough look at the contents of an EML email, but it also lets you examine the attachment. Save All Attachments from an Email is a separate option in the tool. To read attachments from an .eml file, the Forensicators must right-click on them.

Examine an Email's Header and Elements

Examine an Email's Header and Elements

The EML file forensics solution is a widely used application for doing a comprehensive examination of emails, including all of their components. Investigators may use the tool to investigate the content of an EML file in Normal mode, checking all attributes such as the email header, metadata, subject, conversation index, and more. They can also perform a Hex analysis on the EML file.

Scan & Open EML File without Outlook

Scan & Open EML File without Outlook

The utility allows data from specified EML files to be seen on the software panel. However, the investigator may also evaluate EML files without the corresponding email client. EML file forensics tool is a standalone software that performs EML analysis and investigates the process independently. The software's straightforward, and uniform interface facilitates EML file examination and reading.

Dual Search Mode for Email Sorting

Dual Search Mode for Email Sorting

The EML email forensics tool has Advanced Search feature for quickly finding emails. The Quick Search option allows you to discover any text, phrase in an email. The Advanced Search option also allows you to identify specific emails with attachments using criteria such as To, From, Date, Time, Name, CC, and more.

Hide System Folder Hierarchy

Hide System Folder Hierarchy

The investigator can examine and extract basic information from the EML file using the EML file forensics program. At the bottom of the software panel, there is also a Compact View option. Once activated, all system folders are hidden, allowing easy examination of EML files and attachments.

100% Secure & Reliable Forensics App

100% Secure & Reliable Forensics App

Thousands of investigators accomplished the EML file analysis process with the EML forensics tool. It is a recommended program to analyze emails with elements & attachments. The investigator doesn’t face hassle while the examination of the EML file. It is completely secured and maintains the file structure throughout the analysys process

Free Download EML Analyser for Windows

Free Download EML Analyser for Windows

This software is compatible with all the available Windows Operating System. It means the investigator can launch the program on any editions of Windows. One can also download the EML file forensics tool for free. It helps you to examine 10 EML files with all the attachments. Activate the license edition of the product to analyze all EML files.

Software Walkthrough
  • Step 1
    Add EML Files & Folders

    Click the "Open” icon to add all the EML data.

  • Step 2
    View All EML Files

    Select all the required items to preview in content.

  • Step 3
    Export the EML Mailbox Database

    Once the EML file & folders are loaded » Click Export to save.

Add EML Files
Add EML Files
preview EML Files
export and save EML data
Making Your Choice Easy

Converts All EML Folders and Files


  • For 2 PC / Laptop, Personal License
  • Provides option to preview EML messages before exporting them
  • Free Lifetime Upgrade Included
  • Free Product Support Included
Best Seller

Converts Unlimited EML Folders and Files

$199 $99

  • For 10 PC / Laptop, Business License
  • Provides option to preview EML messages before exporting them
  • Free Lifetime Upgrade Included
  • Free Product Support Included

Converts All EML Mailbox Items


  • For 50 PC / Laptop, Enterprise License
  • Provides option to preview repaired photos before saving them
  • Extracts thumbnails of badly corrupt photos
  • Repairs multiples corrupt photos in one go
  • Recovers lost or deleted photos
Client′s Review for EML File Forensics Software

The EML Forensics programme is easy to use and excellent at reading emails with attachments. The EML file Forensics tool' excellent UI has left me very impressed. A built-in feature for extensive EML analysis is included in the programme. It is highly recomended

Graham Whiting

Graham Whiting, United States

EML file Forensics Tool is an effective 3-in-1 tool which provides the facility to acquire information from EML file of any size, as well as opening selected emails in different ways and saving attachments.

Willium Andrew

Alexander Hansen, United States

The EML file Examiner tool comes with many benefits. You can scan the EML file content, including header information. It is possible to start analysing the EML files straight away: there is no need to install any external application for the examination process.

Ethan Brown

Harry Bond, New Jersey

Technical Specifications
About Product

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Release Date

March, 2021


Single User


Personal, Business, Enterprise

Language Supported


System Requirements

System Requirements



Operating System

Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1


512 MB minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk

100 MB Free Space

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*Free Download is only for evaluation and provides preview of messages and limited conversion of messages
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Yes, the tool allows examining considerable information from the email.
Yes, the investigator can analyze and scan EML files on all editions of Windows.