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Convert BMP to TIFF Files in Bulk on Windows Devices

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Summary: Convert BMP to TIFF in bulk in a few simple steps while maintaining image quality. We have provided detailed instructions on how to convert bitmap image to TIFF files. Consequently, keep an eye on the website to find the most useful information for you.

The Benefits of TIFF Files

  • Lossless compression implies that TIFF files maintain the original image’s detail and colour depth, making them ideal for professional photographs.
  • TIFFs are great for high-resolution scans, such as backing up your handcrafted artwork and personal papers, due to their outstanding level of detail.
  • As TIFFs are a ubiquitous and flexible file format, they are compatible with all major operating systems.
  • TIFFs are a suitable format for storing high-resolution photos prior to their alteration and production as assets.

A Reliable Way to Convert BMP to TIFF Files

DotStella Image Converter is a fully safe and simple to use offline automatic method to convert BMP file to TIFF files. It’s a powerful tool that can convert multiple BMP files to TIFF at once. It only needs a little assistance from you as it is totally automatic. You only need to click a few times to convert bitmap file to TIFF. We offer a full step-by-step method to assist you understand how the tool works.

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Step-by-step Procedure to Convert Bitmap Image to TIFF

  • On your Windows device, download the bitmap image to TIFF converter Quickly install and start it to convert BMP to TIFF files after downloading.download bitmap to tiff converter tool
  • Now, in the menu bar, click the “Open” Tab. From the drop-down menu, choose “BMP Files”. Select either Choose Files or Choose Folders when the extra option displays.choose bmp files or folders
  • You may preview all of the selected files once you have chosen and uploaded all the BMP files to the tool’s left pane.preview bmp images
  • Then, under the “Export” Tab, pick “TIFF” files as a saving choice from the drop down box.select tiff as saving option
  • Select the preferred destination for your produced files by clicking the browse button. Once you’ve made your selection, click the Save button to convert bitmap image to TIFF.convert bmp to tiff files

That is all there is to it. To convert bitmap to TIFF file, you simply need to follow these steps. You will be notified once all of the files have been converted to the desired TIFF format.

Read More About The BMP to TIFF Converter Software

  • Data Selection Mode: To pick and upload bitmap files to the tool to convert BMP file to TIFF, you have two alternatives. You will have the option of selecting individual files, followed by the option of selecting folders.
  • Bulk Conversion: The utility can convert a large number of picture files at once. You may convert BMP to TIFF in bulk without encountering any limitations or delays in the conversion process.
  • Preview Images: Before converting BMP files to TIFF, you may examine them using the bitmap image to TIFF converter. It will assist you in determining whether or not the files you’re converting are the ones you need to convert.
  • System Requirements: The tool is compatible with any device that runs the Windows operating system. It works with all versions and can convert bitmap to TIFF on Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and lower.
  • Standalone: The BMP to TIFF Converter is self-contained and does not require you to download extra settings in order to convert BMP file to TIFF file.


The Bitmap image to TIFF Converter application is a highly useful and simple tool to convert BMP to TIFF files. It includes a demo version that allows you to convert BMP image to TIFF and also to PDF, SVG, AI, JPG, WEBP etc. to a limited degree in order to get a feel for the tool’s capabilities. You may get the tool by clicking the link above and begin working on your conversion right now.