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Convert BMP to WEBP in Batch While Keeping Image Quality Intact

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Summary: If you’re seeking for a quick solution to convert BMP to WEBP, go no further than this article. We strive to provide you with an excellent method for converting bitmap to WEBP pictures. Continue reading the post to find an immediate answer.

An Easiest Way to Convert Bitmap to WEBP Files

DotStella Image Converter is a dedicated tool for converting numerous image files to various formats. It’s a Windows-specific software that works with all versions of Windows. It can convert bitmap to WEBP files in a few simple steps without requiring a lot of work on your part. Each stage in the process of converting BMP to WEBP is described in detail below. Please go over them to acquaint yourself with them.

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Note: There is a free demo version of the tool available for you to try out. You may convert bitmap to WEBP to a limited degree with this sample version. You can examine its features as well as the technique to determine its efficacy. Purchase the license key for unlimited conversion and the conversion of BMP to other savings like GIF, TIFF, SVG, EPS and more. Download the free version of the tool to try it out before buying it.

Step-by-step Guide to Convert BMP to WEBP

  • Download the BMP to WEBP converter on your Windows device. Install it when it has been downloaded, and then run it to convert BMP file to WEBP pictures.download bmp to webp converter
  • After that, go to the Open tab and choose BMP files from the drop-down box. Select and upload BMP files to the tool using the choose files or choose folder.choose bmp files or folders
  • After you’ve selected and uploaded BMP files to the tool to convert BMP to WEBP, you may preview them.preview bmp images
  • After previewing your files, go to the Export tab and choose WEBP as your exporting format from the drop-down menu.select webp as saving option
  • Select an acceptable location to save your produced WEBP files by clicking the browse button. Then, to convert BMP file to WEBP files, press the Save.click save to convert bmp to webp

The utility will alert you when all of the files have been transformed. Following the method, the next important feature of the instrument to understand is its key functions. Please look through them to see what you can do with them.

Discover Some Traits of the BMP File to WEBP Converter

  • Mass Convert BMP to WEBP: The software can convert an unlimited number of BMP files at once. To finish your conversion, you don’t have to go through the process again and again.
  • Previewing: If you want to look at your photographs before converting them to BMP, you may do so without any difficulty. You may get a thorough preview of all your images with the tool.
  • Browse Location: When converting your files, you will be prompted to choose a destination for the resulting files. You can better protect your files by using the features.
  • Dual Mode Selection: When it comes to selecting and uploading BMP files to the tool, you have two possibilities. You have the option of either uploading individual files or uploading a folder containing several files.
  • Safe to Use: The tool to convert bitmap files to WEBP is quite safe to use. The original image quality will not be harmed throughout the conversion procedure. In addition, the files produced will be of the desired quality.


The best approach to convert BMP to WEBP files is to use a BMP file to WEBP Converter. It contains a plethora of features that make the converting process simple and enjoyable. The utility allows for batch conversion and achieves the required outcome. It comes with a free version that you may use to try out the tool. So, if you need to convert bitmap file to WEBP rapidly, download the app and get started.