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Convert BMP to AI File In Bulk and Few Easy Steps

Admin ~ Published: 13-Jun-2022 ~ Convert Data ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: This post will show you how to convert BMP to AI in the most efficient way possible. If you are seeking for a solution to the same issue, we recommend that you read this page in its entirety.

A Direct Way to Convert BMP to AI File

DotStella’ Image file converter is the most efficient, user-friendly, and specific tool for converting BMP files to your selected image file format. The bitmap to AI file converter provides a few simple steps for mass bitmap to AI file conversion. Because the instrument is totally automated, all of its processes are automated. The automation of the process will immediately result in the work being completed quickly and easily without the need for extensive effort. The complete step-by-step procedure is provided below; review it to assess the tool’s functionality.

download button

Note: Please keep in mind that when you download the suggested bitmap to Ai converter, you will be provided with a sample version. You may use this demo edition to thoroughly evaluate the tool. The sample version allows you to convert only few images. However, you may test the tool’s capabilities to convert bitmap to AI and also to PSD, EPS, GIF, JPG and more. Purchase the tool’s licencing version to fully utilize it.

Detailed Instructions of Converting Bitmap Files to AI Files

  • To acquire the bitmap to AI converter on your machine, click the download button above. After downloading the tool, install it by agreeing to some simple terms and conditions, and then run it to convert BMP to AI.download the bitmap to ai converter
  • On the menu bar, click the Open Choose BMP file from the drop-down option. Then, to get the BMP files into the tool to convert BMP to AI file, pick either choose files or choose folder.choose bmp files or folders option
  • Once all of the files have been submitted to the BMP to AI converter, you may preview them if necessary.preview bmp images
  • After previewing the files, go to the Export menu and choose AI as your save format.select ai as saving option
  • Click the browse button to choose the best location for your resulting files, and then click the Save button to convert BMP file to AI.click save to convert bmp to ai file

The conversion procedure will now begin; you will be notified when it is complete. So, that’s how you can use the tool to convert bitmap to AI file, which appears to be quite straightforward. Let’s go on to learning more about the tool. Examine the functions listed below to have a thorough understanding of the instrument.

Bitmap to AI Converter: Features and Benefits

  • Batch Convert BMP to AI File: The software can convert BMP file to AI files in bulk. You may convert all of your files at the same time and in the same procedure, even if you have an endless number of files on your device.
  • Data Selection Mode: There are two data selection modes available when using the tool to convert bitmap to AI. You will have the option of selecting simply certain files or a whole folder containing a large number of files.
  • Analyze Function: The tool may be used not only as a converter, but also as a viewer. You may use the tool to analyse BMP files before converting them to the format you choose.
  • Browse Location: The BMP to AI converter lets you choose where you want the files to be saved. It makes it simple to find your files because you will save them in an easily accessible spot.
  • Secured Software: The bitmap to AI converter is extremely safe and secure, ensuring the integrity of your data. During the conversion, your files will not have been manipulated in any way.


This post will show you how to convert BMP to AI file. The finest and most effective application for saving time with big amounts of conversion is the bitmap to AI converter. It is safe and secure, and it also has a sample version that you can use to try out the tool before buying it. So, go ahead and download the tool from the URL above and start to convert BMP file to AI right now.