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How to Batch Convert BMP to PSD File? A Simple Solution

Admin ~ Published: 14-Jun-2022 ~ Convert Data ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Adobe Photoshop (PSD) files are capable of storing 1-bit Bitmap data. It can store in much less area without sacrificing quality. The file will only occupy 684 KB if it is saved as a PSD file. These are the characteristics of PSD files that cannot be found in BMP files. Consequently, if you like to convert BMP to PSD in order to utilise entire PSD quality, you may choose to explore the below option.

How to Convert BMP to PSD File? An Instant Solution

The most generally used and most effective picture converter accessible is DotStella image converter, which can convert many image file types to various alternatives. It may batch convert Bitmap file to PSD files without any constraints or requiring a lot of effort on your part. It is a Windows-based gadget that can run any of the current versions. Furthermore, it converts your picture files without the need for any other method. Examine the complete step-by-step instructions below to better understand how the tool works.

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Complete Steps for Converting Bitmap File to PSD File

  • On your PC, download the Bitmap to PSD converter. To install, follow the on-screen directions. After you’ve installed it, you may use it to convert BMP to PSD files.download the bitmap file to psd converter
  • After starting the tool, pick the Open tab and then select the BMP file. To browse and upload files to the tool, select the file or folder option.choose bmp files or folders
  • After you’ve uploaded all of your files to the tool to convert BMP to PSD, you may preview them if necessary.preview bmp images
  • After you’ve finished analyzing your photographs, go to the Export tab and choose PSD as your saving choice.select psd as saving option
  • Select a location to save your generated files and then click the save button to convert BMP file to PSD file.click save to convert bmp to psd file

That is all there is to it. To convert a bitmap file to PSD file, you simply need to follow these steps. Now that you know the tool can convert your BMP files, let us show you how well it can do it. We’ve outlined some of the tool’s most important features; have a look at them.

Discover Some Traits of the Bitmap File to PSD Converter Tool

  • Batch Conversion: This tool tries to convert numerous BMP files to PSD at the same time. The tool is not limited in terms of the number of files that can be converted in a straightforward approach.
  • Dual Mode: The tool gives you two options for selecting data for conversion. Choose file to choose only one file, or choose folder to obtain the entire folder with a large number of files.
  • Image Examination: You may preview photos before converting them with the bitmap file to PSD converter. Once you’ve submitted the BMP files to the utility , you’ll be able to see a comprehensive preview of them.
  • Browse Location: You will not be compelled to store your files to a specified location when using the tool. You can browse to the spot where you want to save your important image files.
  • System Compatibility: The utility works with any device that is compatible with Windows. On any version of the Windows operating system, you may convert BMP file to PSD file.
  • Safe and Secure: Using the BMP to PSD converter is entirely risk-free. It guarantees that the original’s quality is preserved and that nothing is changed throughout the conversion process.


Convert BMP to PSD in the most amazing method possible. The Bitmap to PSD converter is a tool that was created specifically for converting picture files. It allows you to convert an unlimited number of BMP files at once. It contains a number of tools that you may use to speed up and simplify your conversion. You may get the tool for free from the link provided above and begin converting Bitmap files not just to PSD but also to WEBP, PNG, TIFF, SVG and more.