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Unable to Open EML File : Suffering from this Error? Fix it Now

Admin ~ Published: 23-Jun-2020 ~ Error ~ 5 Minutes Reading

I have encountered few important email messages from Windows Live Mail account of victim’s computer. These emails are in .eml format and I want to show these mails to my senior. I use Office 365 for my business communication purpose and don’t use any of desktop-based email application on laptop. Can you please tell me any independent solution to fix ‘cannot open EML file in Windows Live Mail’ error message? Because my system is showing this error continuously whenever I am trying to open .eml files. Please recommend me any technique for the same.

Several professionals in the current business world search for the solution to troubleshoot ‘unable to open EML files Windows 7 / 8 / 8.1 / 10’ issue. The problem usually occurs because one don’t have a suitable method to open EML files on their system. Its important to have knowledge of an approach that fixes ‘Windows cannot open EML files’ error without any supportive application.

Must be thinking – Does there exists any solution that resolves error ‘not able to open EML file’ without Outlook Express / Windows Live mail?

Well, our answer to your pretty obvious thought is Yes. We are going to tell you about an independent technique through which you can fix ‘unable to open EML file’ error in just 1 minute. No complications, no technicalities – you will face while executing this particular method to resolve the error.

Cannot Open EML File in Windows Live Mail – Fix it in Just 1 Minute

Officials are going to find out a standard approach to troubleshoot ‘Windows cannot open EML files’ error. This method can be used by investigators, business officials, or normal computer users who wish to access .eml files on their PC.

Seems as you can’t wait anymore and are eager to learn about the method. Is it so? Then, no more wait now. We are listing down steps of the procedure to fix ‘cannot open .eml file in Windows Live mail / Outlook Express’ issue :

  • Download the EXE file of EML file viewer on your Windows PC and install it. The setup file is virus-free and does not cause any harm to the existing apps of computer during the installation procedure.

download software

  • Launch the freeware on your system and click on Open option. This opens a list with several options where you have to select Choose Files or Folders option to fix ‘not able to open EML file’ problem.choose files or folders
  • Navigate towards the location where the EML files is saved, select it, and click on Open button.browse eml files
  • Finally, the software begins fetching data from the added files of EML. It consumes few seconds in data extraction and after that you can examine content of EML folder.view eml files
  • Also use the search features to search within EML filessearch within eml files

It is possible to resolve ‘Windows cannot open EML files’ error without any supportive email client by using this solution. Officials can utilize this approach so as to experience a hassle-free time during error fixation.

Some Additional Information

Apart from the free EML examiner solution to troubleshoot ‘cannot open EML file’ error, there are few tips and tricks to resolve it. If you wish to try them out, we are listing down them here on the blog itself. Come let’s read them!

#EML Files Not Opening in Outlook Express – This problem usually occurs because a second app has hijacked .eml file. It is important to reset the associations of file for MS Outlook Express. For this, you can refer following guidelines :

  • If open, close Microsoft Outlook Express app.
  • Open Run window by pressing Win + R keys.
  • Enter ‘msimn/reg’ text and click on OK button to fix ‘unable to open EML files Windows 7’ error.

#Troubleshoot Error by Changing Extension – Some professionals have putted their complaints forward that backup files created via WLM app have corrupted EML files. In such case, it is important to check the extension of backups. If you found that extension is messy, implement following steps :

Note – EML files are pretty same as MHTML files. Therefore, changing the extension from .eml to .mht might resolve ‘cannot open EML file’ error. Or you can convert EML to PDF, EML to Text or other platforms to permanently access them through other platforms.
  • If hidden, activate the displaying of file extension feature in Windows Explorer.
  • Right-click on an EML file and from the list of options, click on Rename
  • Remove .eml extension and write .mht. Press Enter key to proceed.
  • Luckily, if all the things went correctly, MHT file will get open in Edge.


A foolproof solution to fix cannot open EML file problem has been described in this post. Apart from this, we have provided hit and trial methods to troubleshoot ‘unable to open EML files Windows 7’ error. Well, users can operate EML file reader for free on Windows 10, 8.1, and all available versions. This means that they can open EML files or folders anywhere on digital platform, which has Windows OS installed in it. In additional you can also open EML file in Yahoo mail or EML to IMAP to permanently access EML files through different alternatives.