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Cannot Open MBOX Files – Time to Resolve This Issue Quickly

Admin ~ Modified: 26-Apr-2022 ~ Freeware ~ 5 Minutes Reading

If investigators don’t have an app installed on their laptop that opens MBOX files, they will not be able to view one. A person is definitely going to search for a solution to fix ‘unable to open MBOX file’ problem. It is important to have a universal file viewer for free that enables forensics experts to open MBOX file without Thunderbird or Mac Mail.

I’ve found some archived MBOX files on victim’s computer. I don’t know whether this file will be helpful in solving the case or not but, it’s crucial to open and see it. I use Office 365 mail client for business purpose and don’t have any application that supports MBOX files. Also, I cannot open MBOX file due to the absence of a program. So, can you please guide me any manual solution to open MBOX file on Windows 10? Please provide a solution that does not demand for any MBOX supporting email client. Thanks in advance”

In the following informative page, we have provided a foolproof measure to resolve ‘opening MBOX file’ error. Investigators can use this solution for free without spending money from their pocket. There is no financial investment required to read MBOX file on Windows 10, 8.1, 8, and below versions. So, come lets start!

Unable to Open MBOX File – Professional Way to Fix It

No matter whether Thunderbird, Entourage, Mac Mail, or more email clients, are available on PC or not. We are going to suggest investigators an approach that will prove itself useful for their purpose. The solution resolves ‘unable to open MBOX file’ issue without any dependency concern.

Excited to know about the idea? Without wasting much time, we are listing down the steps to open and view MBOX files :

download software

  • Launch the application and click on Open. This launches a menu in which you have to select MBOX Files option.
  • Click on Choose Folders option to add one (or more) folder having several MBOX files in it.

unable to open mbox file

  • This opens a window where you have to locate the path for selection of source folder. Select the folder and then, click on Select Folder.

cannot open MBOX file

  • The software begins extracting content from each file, present in the chosen folder. It automatically loads all the fetched items on preview panel of the utility.

preview mbox emails data

Now, investigators can collect evidences from the MBOX files to solve the case. We have provided the simplest and independent technique to resolve ‘unable to open MBOX file’ problem. However, if you permanently open MBOX to Windows Live Mail, other mail client or portable format; you can easily do so.

Before delivering the solution here in today’s post, we have checked it on our own. This is the reason due to which we have provided screenshot at each step. Forensics experts can read the guidelines and simultaneously perform them to quickly open and read MBOX files on PC.

Whats Unique in MBOX Data Viewer for Free ?

The very first reason is – the software is available free of cost and being a freeware, it provides ample of intelligent features to fix ‘cannot open MBOX files’ issue. Rest, following are the points that describes uniqueness of the approach :

  • Supports Batch Opening of MBOX Files – The solution to resolve ‘unable to open MBOX files’ has the power to process multiple MBOX files or folders simultaneously in bulk. Officials are free to add files, as much they want. At the time of browsing MBOX files, investigators are not restricted in any aspect.
  • Offers Several Features for Investigation – Ample amount of features are available for forensics individuals to collect evidences from suspected MBOX files. The application extracts header properties and hex view details of each email present in MBOX. Also, it loads attachments associated with a message.
  • No Restriction on Time to Use the Utility – Being a freeware, the software does not comprises of any time restriction to access it. Professionals can use this solution as much they need to solve a case. There is no pressure for purchasing the software to completely resolve ‘unable to open MBOX file’ problem.
  • Supportive App Installation Not Needed – Usually, persons who face problem of ‘cannot open MBOX files’, they don’t have MBOX-based applications installed on their PC. They have orphaned MBOX files that they wish to open but, can’t. Therefore, we posted an independent solution i.e., MBOX file reader, to troubleshoot this issue.

Observational Verdict

In this blog, we have putted our best forward to fix ‘unable to open MBOX files’ problem. Investigators can use this solution for free, and use it to print evidences, gathered from MBOX files, in PDF format. Yes, the utility is embedded with another useful feature to convert MBOX file to Excel and other portable document format. It exports emails with attachments in the same structure and with the same content as it was before conversion. Well, officials can show the printed PDF files in court to solve the crime.