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Import MBOX to Windows Live Mail By Following The Few Simple Steps?

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Do you wish to import MBOX to Windows Live Mail? Well, then we must say that we have the same subject to discuss; as we also aim to provide the best solution for the same.

So, if you’ve been looking for a proper answer to how to import MBOX to WLM  for a long time and need a solution, spend some moments with us and get what you wish for.

What is preventing you from directly importing MBOX to WLM?

  • It is well known that different email accounts exist, and practically all of them support various file formats. So, you should be aware that Windows Live Mail does not accept the MBOX file format, which is why you can’t directly import your files.
  • The WLM account supports the EML format. So, if you can convert your MBOX files to such a WLM compatible file format, then you can solve your problem. And then you can open your MBOX related data through your Windows Live Mail account.

So we need to focus on this path. Hence, we are offering you a method to import MBOX to Windows Live Mail account by first converting to the supported file format so that you can properly access it. So let’s look at what that solution is.

MBOX to Windows Live Mail Importer: An Expert’ Recommendation

The MBOX File Converter Wizard is the solution that allows you to convert your MBOX files to a Windows Live Mail compatible file format so that you can easily import them later. This software is compatible with all MBOX files, no matter what account they belong to, and can import them in bulk along with all related items.

It’s very effective, and it prompts you to hit just a few tabs so you can be sure that you won’t have to go to great lengths to import MBOX to Windows Live Mail.

So the most important thing we need to explain and what you need to know is the procedure that you need to follow in this tool to complete your migration. Therefore we offer you the step-by-step process for your convenience and to familiarize you with it

Step-by-Step Process to Import MBOX to Windows Live Mail

  • Download MBOX to Windows Live Mail Import Tool on the device you have your MBOX files. Now install it agreeing to the general condition.

download software

  • Launch the tool to convert MBOX files to WLM compatible files.


  • Click “Open” tab and then click “Email Data File” in the drop-down list.


  • Click “MBOX” as required and then select either “Choose files” or “Choose folders” as per your requirement.


  • Now you need to browse the MBOX files you want to import and load them into the tool.


  • You will now see that all of your selected MBOX files has been loaded in the left pane of the MBOX to WLM Importer.


  • Here, you can preview your uploaded MBOX files before conversion.


  • Also check the message Header, raw and hex view of the emails


  • Now click “Export” tab and then choose EML from the drop-down list.


  • Give a Check the MBOX files to select them for import.


  • Browse the desired location for your resulting files. Finally click the Save.


  • Enable the various options such as email header and other for better output. Now hit the Save button.


  • Once all the files have been converted, you will be informed. You will also be given an Open folder tab to access the destination where your files were saved


  • So, this is your final output.


So now you can easily import MBOX to WLM.

For your convenience, we also offer you the steps for importing the resulting files into Windows Live Mail. So check it out

  • Launch your Windows Live Mail App.
  • Select the menu item “File” and then “Import messages.”
  • Click “Next” after selecting “Windows Live Mail” from the menu.
  • Select “Browse…” from the drop-down menu
  • Select the EML folders you want to import and then click “Next” to complete the process.

Your task is now complete. Now you can open your MBOX data via the WLM account.

Now let’s learn more about the tool. Well, we suggest that you need to know what this tool is perfect for you and the only way you can know is by looking at its qualities.

Hence, we offer you some of the features; you go through them and find out why they are valuable to you and how they can speed up your data conversion.

Check out Some Benefits of the Automated Approach

  • Import MBOX to Windows Live Mail in batch along with all the MBOX related properties.
  • Import MBOX attachments, calendar and contacts into Windows Live Mail all at once.
  • Give two options for converting files by selecting either a single folder or an entire folder.
  • It also offers you a preview of all your MBOX-related attachments and emails with one tap.
  • Provides you the raw hex view and message header preview of all your MBOX emails.
  • .mbox Converter also allows you to choose where you want to save the resulting data.
  • The MBOX to Windows Live Mail import tool contains the email header of all your emails.

In Conclusion

Import MBOX to Windows Live Mail along with all attachments and other related properties in just a few steps. MBOX to WLM Converter makes it possible. It is very effective software designed with all the convenience in mind for users. It’s completely automated and only requires a few clicks on your part. Apart from saving your emails to WLM, you may also import MBOX to Windows 10 Mail and other storage options; once you purchase the license version. So, for using the tool’s capabilities at its fullest, quickly download the tool.