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How to Convert MBOX File to Excel in Simple Steps Including Complete Properties?

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Want to convert MBOX file to Excel? This guide can help you completely.

Do you know the main difference between email files and document files?

Email files are not easy to open, especially if there is no compatible client, but document files are one of the most easily accessible files and this is the main reason why users want to convert MBOX file to Excel, but of course a requirement is also a factor that drive users choose Excel, otherwise there are many other document files.

So if your requirement is the same too; Excel and want to open your MBOX data over it, you have landed in the perfect place as this platform only aims to solve this today.

Read the Customer’s Issue

“Hello, I’m looking to organise, filter, and visualise a significant amount of MBOX data, and Excel is the platform that fits the bill. However, as I have already searched extensively, there is no direct technique to convert MBOX file to Excel. So, I’ve discovered that only an MBOX to Excel converter can do it, and I’m hoping you can assist me in finding the finest one?” Thanks.

Well, it’s true that there isn’t a direct way to convert MBOX to XLS, therefore the only option is to utilise an MBOX to XLSX Converter. As a result, allow us to present you with the finest of everything. One who can make such a task enjoyable for you. Let’s have a look at what it is.

MBOX to Excel Converter: Expert Advice on Converting MBOX to XLS

DotStella MBOX Migrator is a tool that allows you to open MBOX data in an Excel file. It is designed to meet all of the users’ needs that cannot be satisfied directly by any manual way. As a result, it attempts to provide them with every chance so that users like you may effortlessly complete the assignment.

This software is completely automated and can convert MBOX file to Excel in bulk, including all associated properties. Furthermore, this tool handles all MBOX files, regardless of extension, so you can be confident that this MBOX to Excel converter will work for you.

So, now let us explain how this programme will benefit you. We provide you with the complete procedure that is related with this tool and that you must follow in order to convert MBOX to XLS. So, read through the detailed guide and make sure you understand what you need to do at each stage.

Detailed Instructions on How to Convert MBOX file to Excel

  • Download MBOX to Excel Converter on your Windows operating system from the link below. Complete and install setup to prepare for conversion.

download software

  • Start the tool to convert .mbox to XLS.


  • Click the Open tab and then select Email Data File from the various options available.


  • Now select MBOX files as desired and then click Choose files or Choose folders according to your data size.


  • Now you need to select all the .mbox files you want to convert and load them into the MBOX to XLSX converter.


  • You can now see that all of your selected .mbox data has been displayed in the left pane of the tool.


  • Now you can preview your MBOX files here before converting.


  • Now click on the Export tab and then choose CSV from the drop down menu.


  • Check the files to select them for conversion.


  • Browse the destination for your files.


  • Enable the email header and other various options for better output.


  • Now finally hit the Save.


  • Once all the files have been converted, you will be notified and given an Open folder tab to access the location where your files were saved.


  • So here are your final resulting files.


You managed. You have successfully converted MBOX to XLSX.

As you can see, this tool makes it easy for you to convert MBOX files to Excel. Now is the time to know what this app can do for you.

In order to explain more about the MBOX to Excel converter, we are therefore offering you some of its functions. So you go through them and find out the benefits of using the tool.

Checkout Some Benefits of the MBOX to Excel Converter

  • Convert MBOX file to Excel format in bulk with no restrictions on file size selection.
  • Convert MBOX attachments and other properties like contacts and calendar to XLX.
  • This app supports all MBOX files no matter which email account they were extracted from.
  • This app gives you a preview of all your MBOX files associated emails and attachments.
  • You can also check the hex, raw view, message header, and of all of your MBOX emails.
  • Before converting, paste the email header of all emails so you can check the email path.
  • MBOX to Excel Converter can also create a single XLS file for all of your MBOX folders.
  • Allows you to find specific emails and other properties using the search functions.
  • It’s reliable and maintains the integrity of all of your MBOX files during the conversion.

In Conclusion

Convert MBOX file to Excel format along with all of its properties. MBOX to XLS Converter made it possible for you. It’s all in one converter that gives you lots of great benefits. It has tons of features that will make your data conversion faster and more appropriate. So if you also recommend an amazing and convenient trip, try MBOX to Excel converter.