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Batch Merge XML Files into One on Windows

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This article is appropriate for you to read if you want to merge XML files into one and are inquisitive about the best approach. You may find the best program to securely combine numerous XML files into one here, along with its related processes and advantages. Continue reading the blog to learn everything there is to know about your ideal merger solution.

The Best Tool to Merge XML Files into One

The finest tool you can use to combine multiple XML files into one file is the Document Joiner Software. This application is free to download and optimized for Windows devices. It is secure and safe, and is capable of much more than just merging XML files. It’s an all-in-one software with several advantages. The software’s straightforward and secure process is one of its best features. To use the software to combine XML files into one, you must look below at the associated steps.

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Tip: Use the green download button to get the free demo edition of the tool. However, the Free Download is solely for evaluation purposes and only allows a preview of the document as well as limited merger of document files. After purchasing the tool, you will be able to boundlessly merge XML files as well as certain other document files. With the licensing version, you can also merge PDF files, Combine Doc files, and other files. So, download the tool right away and begin combining your files for free.

Check-out Step-by-step Procedure to Combine XML Files

  • Download the XML Merger Tool on any Windows-powered device. Install it after agreeing to the general terms and then run it to merge XML files into one.start xml file merger tool
  • After starting the tool, choose the Open tab and then pick XML Files as necessary.select xml files option
  • After you’ve uploaded all of the XML files into the tool, go to the Export tab and pick XML as the saving choice from the drop-down list.select saving option
  • Select the XML files in the tool’s left pane and deselect everything you don’t want to merge into one.select files to merge
  • Now, click the Browse button to choose a location for the generated files, and then click the Save button to combine XML files into one.click save to merge xml files into one

You will be informed once all the files have been merged. After that, the tool will provide you immediate access to the location of your output files. It’s time to learn a few additional things about the tool now that you have a solid understanding of how it operates. Check out the features of the tool that are listed below if you want more information.

XML Merger Tool: Discover It’s Advantages

  • Unlimited Combining Capacity: The application is without a doubt the most efficient when it comes to merging an unlimited number of files at once. It can batch merge XML files into one. There will be no limitations in selecting and merging your essential files.
  • Offers File Preview: The application is an integrated one, as we already mentioned. You can inspect your XML files with this application before merging them. You will have the opportunity to double-cross the files that you want to integrate.
  • Enable Location Selection: The software never fails to provide users with convenience. The program to combine XML files into one allows you to explore and choose any location on your device to save the resulting files.
  • Keep Integrity: The software is not only efficient and effective, but it is also secure. It ensures that the overall quality of the XML files is preserved during the merging process. Nothing is lost, and the data structure remains unchanged.


The suggested software is the ideal choice for you to attempt if you want to effectively and safely merge XML files into one. The tried-and-true XML File Merger utility can batch combine multiple XML files into a single file. From the aforementioned link, you can download the tool’s free edition and begin combining your files right away.