DotStella Document File Joiner Toolkit

Document joiner is a sophisticated programme that combines numerous Doc files into a single document.

  • A Toolkit with the most elementary UI enables anyone to combine document files easily.
  • It enables the fusion of more than ten distinct document file formats into a single file.
  • Compatible with any machine that runs the Windows operating system
*Free Download is only for evaluation and provides preview of document and limited conversion of document files

An Advanced Tool for Advanced Work

The document file joiner software is a sophisticated technology that permits the consolidation of many document files into a single one. It lets users to pick an unlimited number of document files and then batch merge them all at once.

  • Combine XML, XAML, ODT, Mobi, and other document files into one.
  • Allows you to pick files in two modes: add files or add directories.

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standalone document joiner

A Standalone Document Joiner

It's a standalone programme that can combine numerous files. It operates independently of other programmes and allows you to merge DOC, DOCX, PDF, HTML, TXT, and other file formats into a single file for simple administration.

  • Allows you to preview all of the document files before connecting them.
  • A very secure programme with the goal of maintaining data integrity.

Additional Capabilities of the Document File Joiner

Consolidate Data from Various Document Files

Consolidate Data from Various Document Files

Document file Joiner software is an all-in-one application that enables you to connect numerous document files. You may choose from a variety of file types, including PDF, DOC, DOCX, XML, Mobi, TXT, XAML, and ODT. It may merge many document files into a single one without imposing any limits on the amount of files that should be converted simultaneously.

Numerous Savings Opportunities

Numerous Savings Opportunities

Apart from combining numerous document files, it also allows you to save them in a variety of various document formats. It supports a variety of file formats, including MD, RTF, DOC, DOCX, PDF, ODT, XML, and XAML. From the export tab, you may select any of the available saving options. Therefore, if you choose to change the file extension, the saving choice will assist you.

Provides File Preview Prior to Combination

Provides File Preview Prior to Combination

The Document joiner wizard is the greatest tool for combining and evaluating numerous document files. This app comes as a platform where you can open and evaluate your various files. Therefore, if you have documents of various kinds and need to open them in a single application, this document file joiner Toolkit is the ideal option.

Enables Location preference selection

Enables Location Preference Selection

The batch Document files joiner provides dual mode uploading of data. Include files or directories. Additionally, it lets you to specify the location of the connected document files. The capabilities will assist you in securely preserving your files, which you may not be able to do when saving them to a predetermined location.

Windows compatibility

Windows Compatibility

Any Windows version may run the Document Combiner programme without any issues whatsoever. It is compatible with both the newly introduced Windows 11 and prior versions of the Windows operating system, including Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, and Windows XP.

Maintains the consistency of all document files

Maintains the Consistency of All Document Files

The integrity of the original document files is not harmed by the document file joiner. During the joining procedure, the tool protects the integrity of all files and keeps their original formatting. After the merging procedure, all attributes such as visuals, information, and links will be the same.

Software Walkthrough
  • Step 1
    Add Document Files & Folders

    Click the "Open” icon to add all the Document data.

  • Step 2
    View All Document Files

    Select all the required items to preview in content.

  • Step 3
    Export the Document Files

    Once the Document file & folders are loaded » Click Export to save.

Add Document Files
Add Document Files
preview Document Files
export and save Document data
Making Your Choice Easy

Converts All Document Folders and Files


  • For 2 PC / Laptop, Personal License
  • Provides option to preview document files before exporting them
  • Free Lifetime Upgrade Included
  • Free Product Support Included
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Converts Unlimited Document Folders and Files


  • For 10 PC / Laptop, Business License
  • Provides option to preview document files before exporting them
  • Free Lifetime Upgrade Included
  • Free Product Support Included

Converts All Document Items


  • For 50 PC / Laptop, Enterprise License
  • Provides option to preview repaired photos before saving them
  • Extracts thumbnails of badly corrupt photos
  • Repairs multiples corrupt photos in one go
  • Recovers lost or deleted photos
Client Review for Document Joiner Tool

I had a lot of PDF files that were difficult to handle. I was hunting for the finest document combining software to help me with my problem. The DotStella document file joiner was the final piece of the puzzle in my hunt. Anyone who wants to integrate various document files should use this programme.


Paul, UK

I was seeking for a way to convert my DOC files to DOCX format. I tried several online tools, but none of them were suitable. However, I felt relieved when I came upon the DotStella document joiner tool. It is a very secure offline document joining software.


Andrew, Australia

I've been given the task of saving all TXT files as PDF. I appreciate DotStella for the document combiner programme, which makes it simple to join all TXT files as PDF documents.

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer Brown, California

Technical Specifications
About Product

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Release Date

March, 2021


Single User


Personal, Business, Enterprise

Language Supported


System Requirements

System Requirements



Operating System

Windows 11, 10, 8, 8.1


1 GB minimum (2 GB recommended)

Hard Disk

100 MB Free Space

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*Free Download is only for evaluation and provides preview of messages and limited conversion of files
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