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Join Multiple PDF Files into One Single File In Batch Mode

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Are you tired of dealing with a large number of PDF files? Does it also cause you to be perplexed when it comes to locating specific info? If this is the case, combining them all into a single entity would not only address your management issue, but also a slew of others. So, if you want to learn how to join multiple PDF files into one, keep reading.

Hello, my name is James and I’m from California. As a member of a management team, I frequently get a large number of PDF files containing a great deal of the same information. It’s tough for me to keep track of all of these different PDFs containing identical information. My goal is to merge them all into a single file, but I’m not sure if that’ll be achievable. So, can somebody tell me if merging PDF files is possible and, if so, how?

As a result of the certain queries, in the following instructive page, we have presented a reliable method to combine PDF files to address such problems. So, have a look at what it is and how it makes such a task feasible for you in the easiest way possible.

Join Multiple PDF Files into One File in the Best Way

DotStella Document Joiner is the most powerful toolkit to combine multiple PDF files into a single file. It’s an incredible utility that works on any version of Windows. During the merging process, it retains all of the properties of your PDF files. To understand how the PDF file joiner works, go through the steps below.

Tip: If you want to try out the tool before purchasing it, you must first download the free version. It includes a sample version that you may use to merge PDF files to some extent and test its operation. You may also see your files and learn about them in person. As a result, we strongly advise you to download the free version.

  • First, download the PDF file merger tool on your Windows device. Once downloaded, you must install it and then launch it by following the on-screen instructions.download pdf file merger tool
  • After launching the tool to merge PDF files, click the Open tab and then choose PDF Files from the drop down option.select pdf files
  • Navigate to and upload all of the PDF files that you wish to merge to the PDF file merging tool.browse pdf files
  • Once all of the PDF files have been uploaded into the tool to join PDF files, You may preview them only if you require.
    preview pdf files
  • Now, you need to click the Export tab and then choose PDF as the saving format.select pdf as saving option
  • Browse to the location of your resulting files, then click the Save button to join multiple PDF files into one.click save to join multiple pdf files into one

That is how the PDF file joiner utility operates. Let’s take a step further and look at another feature of the tool. We have highlighted some of the tool’s key functionalities. So, have a look at them and see what they can do to substantially join multiple PDF files into one.

Discover Some Traits of the PDF File Merger Tool

  • Support for Batch Merging: The utility is extremely efficient in its operation. It allows you to batch combine PDF files. As a result, you may upload an unlimited number of PDFs and integrate them all at once.
  • Dual Mode Data Selection: The tool to merge PDF files allows you to pick data based on your needs. You can effortlessly combine PDF files as well as whole folders by hand.
  • Preview Function: The PDF file merging tool also functions as a PDF file reader. It enables you to open and inspect all of the PDF files you’ve submitted before combining them.
  • Destination Option: The software to combine PDF files does not compel you to save your combined files in a specific location. Instead, it allows you to choose the place where your data will be stored.
  • OS Compatibility: The PDF files joiner utility can be run on any machine that supports the Windows operating system. It also supports any new or old version of the operating system.


You may now simply and rapidly join multiple PDF files into one single file while keeping the file structure intact. The recommended PDF file merging tool is a very helpful and simple-to-use application that provides several benefits. It provides for bulk merging and previewing of files. So, if you want a speedy and desired outcome, download the free version which lets you merge PDF files as well as merge Word files and some document files to a limited extent.