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Merge ODT Files to PDF While Retaining Original Data Structure

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Overview: With the help of this tutorial, you can begin to merge ODT files to PDF. If you want to know how to merge numerous ODT files into a single PDF file, this blog post can be a wonderful resource. We strongly advise you to continue reading the article in order to obtain the most effective answer for merging tasks.

Before learning how to combine multiple ODT files into PDF, you must first understand what benefits there are to doing so. The benefits listed below may help you understand the value of ODT to PDF merging.

Benefits of Merging ODT Files to PDF Files

  1. Maintain Formatting: PDFs retain all of the original file’s document content, including text layout, photos, hyperlinks, and even comments.
  2. Compatibility: PDFs are compatible with all devices, from desktop PCs to mobile phones. You can read them whenever and wherever you choose without worrying about compatibility problems while switching towards another gadget or sharing files.
  3. Simplify Your Files: The most used corporate file format is PDF. They are used in almost every establishment, from doctor’s offices and small enterprises to schools and huge corporations. You may ensure that everyone with whom you deal or work can access your ODT documents by merging them to PDFs.

So, these are some of the PDF advantages that entice people to use it. Thus, look below for a solution to merge ODT to PDF and reap all of its benefits.

An Outstanding Way to Merge ODT Files to PDF

DotStella Document File Joiner is the most effective and user-friendly solution to combine multiple ODT files to PDF. It is a tool for combining document files, whether ODT or other formats. In addition to merge ODT to PDF, you can use the program to merge multiple ODT files into one, but only if you want to. Before you download the tool from the link provided, we recommend that you read the steps below so that you can easily understand what you need to do when you eventually start the tool.

download button

How to Use the Tool to Merge ODT to PDF?

  • Click the green download button above to get the ODT to PDF merger on your device. After downloading it, install and launch it to merge ODT files into PDF.download the tool to merge odt files to pdf
  • Now you need to click on the Open tab that you may see on the menu bar. Once the additional options appear, you need to select ODT files.select odt files
  • After browsing the ODT files and uploading them to the tool, you need to click on the Export tab. Then choose PDF as the save option.select pdf as saving option
  • After that, you need to browse the location to save the files and then click Save button to merge ODT to PDF.click save to merge odt to pdf

To effectively merge ODT to PDF, you must carefully follow the directions above. In addition to showing you how the tool works, we’d like to show you some of its characteristics. To learn more about the tool, read about some of its features below.

Key Benefits of Utilizing ODT to PDF Merger

  • Mass Merge ODT Files to PDF: The tool’ best feature is its capacity to bulk merge many ODT files into PDF. There are no restrictions on how many files you can merge at once. It is up to you to choose and merge the amount of files.
  • Provide Preview: The tool’s second advantage is that it allows you to preview the ODT files before merging them into PDF. You can examine all of the content associated with the ODT file by clicking on it in the tool.
  • Search and Browse Function: The ODT to PDF merger application allows you to search for specific things inside your ODT files. It contains a search bar that could be quite useful to you. It also allows you to browse and select the desired location for the resulting files.
  • Security and Device Compatibility: The application is absolutely safe to use. During the merging process, the original file structure will not be altered. Furthermore, the software is compatible with any device that runs the Windows operating system.


We have provided you with the finest method to merge ODT files to PDF. The recommended ODT to PDF merger solution is all-in-one and has numerous advantages. It not only allows you to combine several ODT files into PDF, but it also allows you to merge PDF files into one, as well as in Text and other formats. We recommend that you download the software from the link above and utilize the demo version to get started with the tool for free.