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Merge MOBI Files into Text to Improve Data Accessibility

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Since MOBI files are software-dependent file formats, accessing them can be difficult. Furthermore, they were also discontinued by Amazon a few years ago. This will make it difficult to access your E-book and securely store their data. In this case, merging them to a more frequently used and easily accessible file type, such as Text, is a better alternative. As a result, the purpose of this post is to give individuals with the best technique to merge MOBI files into text. So, if you want to perform the same merging operation, take a look at the appropriate technique below.

How Can You Reliably and Easily Merge MOBI Files into Text?

The Document File Joiner is unquestionably one of the best and most dependable tools for combining multiple MOBI files into one Text file. It is 100% safe software that guarantees to save your MOBI files’ general data structure. Furthermore, because it can combine a large number of MOBI files at once, this application seeks to reduce the overall time you spend merging files. You’ll need to follow some of the steps we’ve outlined below in order to use the tool. To ascertain how well the gadget is operating, we advise you to look at them.

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Note: It is an easy-to-use tool that is initially available for free. The green download button above allows you to download the tool for free and enjoy the free trial. This DotStella Document File Joiner is an all-in-one tool that can merge different document file types. You can also use this software to merge PDF files and other file types with relative ease.

Software’ Working Process

  • Download MOBI to Text File Merger Tool on your Windows device. Begin the installation according to the given instructions and then launch it to merge MOBI files into Text.download the tool to merge mobi files into text
  • Now click on the Open tab available on the menu bar. Then select MOBI files as required.select mobi files
  • Now you should start browsing the MOBI files that you want to merge into text. Then upload them all to the tool to merge multiple MOBI files into text.browse mobi files
  • Once all MOBI files are loaded in the left pane of the tool; You can preview them.preview mobi files
  • After that, you need to click on the Export tab and then select Text as the save option.select saving option
  • Click Browse button to select a suitable location for the resulting files, and then click Save button to merge MOBI file with Text.click save to merge mobi files to text

To merge MOBI files into Text using the software, simply follow the steps outlined above. Now that you’re familiar with the tool’s process, you should become acquainted with its characteristics. We’ve included some of the features below; read them to learn why the tool is right for you.

Why You Must Choose MOBI File Merger Tool?

  1. Remove All User Intervention from the Process: The MOBI to text Merger Tool is totally automated, removing the need for user input during the merging process. Throughout the merging procedure, a user must only choose MOBI files and then Text when needed. The software will automatically merge all of the files and store the results to the location you specify.
  2. A Time-Saving Program: By utilizing the tool, you eliminate the time required for file merging. As an automated tool, it expedites the process to merge a MOBI files into Text. It can combine two or more MOBI files into a single text in a fraction of the time that is normally necessary.
  3. More Than a Merger: The application for combining numerous MOBI files into one can be used for a variety of tasks. This application includes a Viewer Tool that allows you to study MOBI files. Because MOBI files are program dependant, you can use this tool to open MOBI files whenever you want.
  4. A Search Engine: It can be used as a search engine in addition to merging and opening MOBI files. This tool allows you to search for certain items within your MOBI files. Finding certain items in a big number of MOBI files can be tough; thus, this application avoids all of that hard work and provides you with a simple search feature.


Merging several MOBI files into Text may have been challenging, but now that the DotStella MOBI File Merger Tool is available, it’s the simplest process. The application allows you to bulk merge MOBI files into Text while maintaining data integrity. It’s an all-in-one utility that includes a demo version that you may access by clicking the download link above.