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Zimbra to Gmail Migration Tool to Export Zimbra Emails to Google Account

Admin ~ Published: 30-Jun-2021 ~ Migration ~ 5 Minutes Reading

If you need to transfer email from Zimbra to Gmail for any good reasons, you should know the real ways to do so. This guide helps you find out the top two tricks to import emails from Zimbra to Gmail account with data integrity intact.


Google Mail or Gmail is a well-known webmail application for efficiently managing personal and professional mail data with several filter options. It is one of the simplest and easiest online mail platform for everyday email activity. Moreover, its productive toolkit also known as G Suite offers helpful apps like Google Meet, Calendar, Sheets, Docs, Calendar, Contacts, and many more. This is also one of the primary reasons for huge fan following of Gmail service and its millions of active users over the world.

There are many users who are not satisfied with their present email client or have reasons to migrate emails to Gmail. One such scenario is when Zimbra desktop mail client users to transfer emails to Gmail. Below is the step by step tutorial for Zimbra desktop email to Gmail process using manual method and also with the help of professional and automatic Zimbra to Gmail migration tool.

 So, let’s get started!

Google Mail doesn’t support TGZ file. How to Import Zimbra to Gmail?

 Zimbra desktop mail client supports TGZ file to store mailing data which is not supported by Gmail. Therefore, you need to follow the transfer email from Zimbra to Gmail process, to open Zimbra emails in Gmail.

There are two ways of switching Zimbra desktop mail to Gmail account- manual and automatic. We strongly recommend you to follow the professional method without restriction on file size and many other advantages. So, let’s check the complete tutorial for importing Zimbra mail emails to Gmail account.

Here’s How to Transfer email from Zimbra to Gmail step-by-step

If you want to migrate Zimbra to Gmail with all email properties and data integrity secured then download DotStella Zimbra Converter. It is one one of the most ranked solution for transferring Zimbra email data to a Gmail profile with accuracy. Before the import process of Zimbra messages in Gmail, the solution provides the preview of Zimbra data for smooth processing.

Below are the steps for Zimbra to Gmail migration in bulk:

download software

  • Go to Open tab and select Choose File to upload TGZ files from system and Choose Folder to load multiple TGZ files at once.click open tab
  • Now, check the TGZ mailbox to open emails in the preview window with several properties.preview emails
  • Use Quick Search to find keyword, name, subject, or more from the Zimbra email files.search within zimbra files
  • Now, move on to Export option and select Gmail in email service.select gmail saving option
  • Enter Gmail account credentials.enter gmail credentials
  • Hit the Save button and analyse the live transfer email from Zimbra to Gmail profile.click save to import zimbra to gmail

What You Can Expect from Zimbra to Gmail Migration Tool?

Complete Results: Using the one-stop solution to migrate emails from Zimbra desktop to Gmail account, user will not face data loss or modifications. The toolkit ensures 100% accurate Zimbra to Gmail transfer with all properties intact.
  • No Zimbra desktop Configuration required: The automatic way to import Zimbra to Gmail doesn’t require any third party installation or even Zimbra desktop configuration for the email transfer process.
  • No size Limitation on TGZ file: The user can transfer email from Zimbra to Gmail without worrying about the file size limitation. The software is a powerful solution and support TGZ file of all sizes.
  • Migrate Zimbra messages with attachments: Many users are concerned for Zimbra email attachments while transferring data to Gmail. With the DotStella Zimbra Mail to Gmail migration toolkit, user can swiftly import Zimbra mailbox to Gmail with attachments.
  • Preview Zimbra data file with properties: One of the significant feature of Zimbra to Gmail migration toolkit, it allows user to view Zimbra database with all properties like header information, hex view, raw message, etc.
  • Extract Zimbra data file option: The all-in-one Zimbra Mail to Google Mail transfer utility has an Extract option. It allows users to fetch out email addresses, attachments, phone numbers, and more from Zimbra database file.

Manual Trick to Import Zimbra Emails to Gmail Account without Attachments

 Zimbra Mail client provides an Import/export option to save emails as TGZ archive. The manual process to export Zimbra messages to Gmail includes a few steps:

  • Open your Zimbra desktop profile.
  • Tap on the Preference button and select Import/Export option.
  • Select Mail and specify source as the all folder and choose required Zimbra mailbox.
  • Click on Export and the Zimbra file exported as gzipped tarball of the mailbox.

However, user can’t open this archived Zimbra mailbox file to Gmail. For this also they need to take the help of the third-part solution like DotStella Zimbra TGZ conversion toolkit. So, we recommend you to avoid the manual step and go with the professional solution from the beginning.

 Free Trial

Users can also download the free demo edition of the Zimbra to Gmail migration utility. It is available for Windows system users. Simply download it from the website and transfer few Zimbra emails to Gmail without any hassle. For bulk and large TGZ file to Gmail import, we suggest you to download the pro edition of the toolkit.