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Directly Import PST File to IMAP Account with 100% Data Security

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Summary: This article discusses one of the most remarkable methods to import PST file to IMAP account. Therefore, if you are the one urged to do the same, you may get instructions on how to do so.

PST files are Outlook compatible file types that may be accessed simply by the same account. However, if you simply have raw files that are not configured with the account, you may run into a number of complications that may be fixed only by importing them to IMAP. Consider the following advantages of exporting PST to IMAP compatible accounts.

Advantages of Exporting PST to IMAP Compliant Accounts

  • If your Outlook account is not setup, you will need a platform to view the PST. Here, an IMAP-compatible account may serve as a backup platform for accessing Outlook PST data.
  • IMAP accounts provide you a great deal of versatility when it comes to accessing PST files. To be sure, if you save PST files on a local disc, you may view them only from that device. However, if you import PST file to IMAP, you may access it from any device.
  • Additionally, you may ensure excellent protection for your PST data. Well, if you save PST on a local disc and it dies, you risk losing your data. However, you will not have this problem with IMAP since all data is stored on a cloud server.

These are just a few of the many advantages of importing PST to an IMAP account. As a consequence, we provide you an excellent alternative for completing the work, allowing you to take advantage of all the benefits.

A 100% Reliable Method to Import PST File to IMAP Account

DotStella PST File Converter is the fastest and most user-friendly solution to import PST file to Roundcube, Yahoo and any other IMAP compatible accounts. It allows you to convert multiple PST files at the same time while retaining all of the data.  You can also open attachments in PST files with the tool for free. Let’s talk about how to use the approach now that you’re acquainted with it. To that end, we’ve included a step-by-step guide.

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Note that when you download the PST to IMAP migration tool, you will be provided with a trial version. This demo version allows you to get acquainted with the tool before buying it. You may learn all there is to know about the tool and practice its processes and functions in person. As a consequence, we strongly urge you to first download the demo version to extract emails from PST files to IMAP.

Detailed Instructions for Transferring PST Data to IMAP

  • On your Windows compatible device, download, install, and run the PST to IMAP Migration tool in order to import PST file to IMAP server.download pst to imap migration tool
  • Once the tool is completely operational, click the Open tab and then select Choose file from a folder from the drop down menu.select choose file from a folders option
  • Then, go to the PST files that you wish to import into IMAP and submit them to the tool to export Outlook PST to IMAP.browse pst files
  • After you’ve uploaded all of the PST files into the PST to IMAP Tool, you may preview them if you like.preview emails
  • You must now pick IMAP as a saving option from the list of available options.select imap as saving option
  • Now you must input your IMAP compatible account’s email address and password, followed by a Save button to finally begin the procedure to import PST to IMAP.enter credentials click save to import pst file to imap

Therefore, this is how you may import PST file to IMAP, which looks to be rather straightforward due to the few steps. So, let us continue and discover more about the usefulness of the tool. We’d now want to show a few of its capabilities to help you understand it. As a result, have a look.

Find Some Traits of the PST to IMAP Migration Tool

  • Batch Conversion: The PST to IMAP Converter allows you to batch import PST file to IMAP account. It can choose and convert any number of files.
  • Standalone: PST to IMAP migration requires no extra installation. It is self-contained and does not need you to have Outlook account configured on your device.
  • It’s easy and quick: It is a professional solution and a tested product. The application produces identical results without altering data. It quickly converts PST files to IMAP.
  • 100% Safe & Secure: it is a professional solution and a properly tested product to import PST file to IMAP. The application produces precise results without altering the data.
  • Previews: You may examine all of your PST data in the tool. Aside from seeing just the message content, you may also examine your emails in hex and raw format for further in-depth investigation.


In the blog, we demonstrated how to import PST file to IMAP account. The PST to IMAP converter is a trusted tool that maintains data integrity during the conversion process. It’s a one-stop shop that includes a bevy of extra features. It walks you through a few easy steps to complete the work and offers a sample version. As a result, if you want to get the task done fast and simply, we highly urge you to utilize the application.