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Import PST File to Roundcube Webmail With Complete Data

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Summary: The article has been written to provide a comprehensive explanation on how to import PST file to Roundcube Webmail. Therefore, if you are interested in going through the same migration procedure, this article is a must-read.

PST files are a well-known file type, and it is also well-known that they are inaccessible without the Outlook email program. You will, however, be able to examine your data if you utilize a workaround or may import it to another provider.

Why One Should Import PST File to Roundcube?

  • The professional motive is one of the initial reasons to import PST to Roundcube Webmail. You must first import your prior PST data into Webmail in order to use it for your business.
  • Keeping PST files in Roundcube will provide me more freedom when it comes to retrieving data. Because you can access Roundcube via cPanel using any device’s Web browser, you’ll be able to view the PST data from any device.
  • The Roundcube’ drag-and-drop function helps organize email. With a single click, you may reorder emails and folders. Rather of going through many stages, you may just drag and drop folders and emails.

So, these are some of the benefits or reasons that impact the decision to preserve PST data in Roundcube. Thus, follow the approach and its processes outlined below to ultimately import PST into Roundcube and get all of its advantages.

An Expert’ Advice

Using the PST File Converter Tool, you may import PST file to Roundcube. This method transforms PST files or folders including all of the attachments as well as other properties and data. It also provides the most straightforward PST to Roundcube conversion technique. As a result, let us begin by addressing the method of the approach. We will lead you through the process of transferring PST folders to Roundcube step by step. As a result, it is worthwhile to read.

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Detailed Instructions for Uploading PST to Roundcube Webmail

  • Download, install, and execute the PST to Roundcube Migration application on your Windows-compatible device in order to import PST file to Roundcube.download pst to roundcube converter
  • Once the tool is fully functional, click the Open tab and then click Choose from a folder from the drop down menu.select choose from a folder option
  • Then, go to the PST files you want to import into Roundcube and upload them to the tool.upload pst to the tool
  • You may preview the PST files when you’ve uploaded all of them to the PST to Roundcube Import tool.preview pst files
  • You must now choose IMAP as a storing method. This option will help you import PST to Roundcube.select imap saving option
  • Now you must enter the email address and password for your Roundcube After that click the save button to Import Outlook PST file to Roundcube Webmail.click save to import pst file to roundcube

Note: The tool comes with a free trial version that allows you to try out the processes and see how it works. To a limited degree, you may upload PST files to Roundcube and test out all of its features. As a result, if you want to trial the tool before buying it, you must first download the free version.

So, these are the complete instructions for utilizing the tool to import PST file to Roundcube Webmail. Following this, we’d like to show you some of the qualities that make it the greatest and most ideal choice for completing the task. So, have a look.

Why Should You Use the PST to Roundcube Converter Software?

  • Conversion in Bulk: You may import PST file to Roundcube in bulk with the PST converter. There are no limits on the number of PST labels you may transfer at once.
  • Selective Migration: You have absolute control over whatever folders you want to migrate. In the tool, you could choose and uncheck folders to transmit just the ones you desire.
  • Operating System Compatibility: The tool works with Windows operating systems. As a result, regardless of the version, you may import PST to Roundcube for Windows.
  • Simple User Interface: The utility offers a simple user interface that is devoid of complication. As a result, you will have no issues even if this is your first time using it.


Import PST file to Roundcube in bulk, including all related attributes, in a simple and expedient manner. The PST to Roundcube converter is a software that has been created with simplicity in mind. As a result, it has several features that will enhance your overall experience. The tool must be tried out if you want to have a wonderful experience with data conversion of this kind.