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Extract Emails from PST Files in Bulk Without Outlook Confuguration

Admin ~ Published: 20-Apr-2022 ~ Extract Data ~ 5 Minutes Reading

If you’re seeking for a simple approach to extract emails from PST files, this article will be the last stop on your journey. We’ve outlined the most effective and time-saving bulk file email extractor for PST files and saving them to an easy to access format. So, if you’re interested in learning more about the solution, just scroll down the page.

The Advantages of Email Extraction from PST Files

  • To be honest, if you’re considering utilizing PST files without Outlook, you’re going to run into a slew of troubles. As a result, extracting emails from them and storing them in a portable format may provide you with improved access to your data.
  • PST files are more prone to harm if they are not used for an extended period of time. As a result, you should extract emails from them in order to generate backups of your data.

These are some of the benefits to extract email from PST in Outlook. As a result, we provide you the more efficient technique to assist you in getting the work done effectively. Please have a look at it.

An Efficient and Secured Method to Extract Emails from PST Files

PST File Converter is the quickest, safest, and easiest way to extract emails from PST file without using Outlook. It enables you to extract data from several PST files simultaneously while keeping data integrity. Because the conversion will take place offline, no data will be lost due to a bad internet connection. Now that you’re familiar with the method, let’s talk about how to apply it. We’ve provided a step-by-step tutorial to help you get started.

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Please bear in mind that you will get a trial version of the PST email extractor tool when you download it. This sample version enables you to familiarize yourself with the tool before purchasing it. You may learn all there is to know about the instrument and put it through its paces in person. Once you have upgraded the tool with license version you can extract emails from PST file to IMAP, PST to Yahoo and other email services or client as well. As a result, we highly advise you to download the sample version first.

Step-by-step Guide to Extract PST Emails without Outlook

  • On your Windows-compatible device, download, install, and run the PST email extractor tool.start pst email extractor
  • When the PST Extractor is completely working, go to the Open tab and choose a folder from the drop-down menu.click choose file from a folder option
  • Then, browse and upload the PST files from which you wish to extract emails.upload pst files
  • After you’ve uploaded all of the PST files to the bulk file email extractor for PST, you may preview them.preview pst files
  • To save your PST emails, you must now choose a saving option. As an example, consider IMAP.choose saving option
  • Now you must input your IMAP account’s email address and password. Then click the “Save” button to extract emails from PST.click save to extract emails from pst files

Note: If you want to export PST to CSV or to some other offline files; you can choose from email or document files. After selecting the saving option; you must browse the location to save your files and click the save button.

So, this is how you may extract emails from PST files, which seems to be rather simple owing to the few steps. So, let’s keep on and learn more about the tool’s capabilities. To assist you comprehend it, we’d like to demonstrate a couple of its capabilities. Take a peek as a result.

Discover the Characteristics of the PST Email Extraction Tool.

  • Bulk Extract Email from PST: You may batch extract emails and attachments from a PST file using the PST email extractor. It has the ability to choose and convert an unlimited number of files.
  • Standalone: There is no need to install anything else in order to extract emails from PST files. It’s self-contained and doesn’t need any further download.
  • Safe and Secured: It is a professional solution and a well-tested product that is 100 per cent safe and secure. Without modifying the data, the bulk file email extractor for PST generates exact results.
  • Previews: It allows you to inspect all of your PST data. You can analyse your emails in hex and raw format for more in-depth research, in addition to merely examining the message text.


We showed how to extract emails from PST files in this blog. The PST extractor tool is a reliable tool that ensures data integrity during conversion. It’s a one-stop shop with a slew of additional features. It gives a sample version that also allows you to select the different saving option. Such as you can convert PST to PDF and Outlook PST emails to HTML and other formats with it. As a consequence, we strongly advise you to use the application if you want to do the work quickly and easily.