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How to Bulk Import EML to Amazon WorkMail Service?

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In today’s world, it’s challenging for everyone to rely on a single device to access EML files. Everyone desires easy access to EML files, which can only be obtained via a cloud-based account. There are several webmail accounts; however, we’re focusing on Amazon WorkMail subscribers today. Here, we’ve provided all the details you need to import EML to Amazon WorkMail effectively. So, if you have EML files that you wish to access through AWS, you now have a solution.

Benefits of Opening EML through AWS Compared to Other Webmail


Amazon WorkMail supports Outlook on Windows and Mac OS X. Users may keep using their existing e-mail client without installing plug-ins for Microsoft Outlook.

Integration of AD

AWS WorkMail interacts with Microsoft Active Directory so users may utilise their current login details. With tools like Active Directory Users and Computers, it’s easy to manage users and teams.

Access Anywhere

Android, iOS, Amazon fire, and Windows Phone users will synchronise their mailboxes.  Users’ mobile devices immediately connect to Amazon WorkMail without reconfiguration or user skill. Users may access their email, calendar, and contacts via a feature-rich web client.

An Instant Solution to Import EML to Amazon WorkMail

The DotStella EML File Converter is a reliable and simple solution to import EML files into Amazon WorkMail. It’s a specialised EML converter tool that, in addition to an AWS account, gives you a number of other options for storing your converted files. It’s powerful, and it can import as many EML files as you want into AWS all at once. By tapping the aforementioned icon, you may download the app and try it out without spending a dime. But before you go ahead and download it, we’ll show you just how to put it to good use.

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Step-by-step Guide to Import EML Files to Amazon WorkMail

  • Get the EML to AWS migration programme for your Windows device if you click on the link that is located above. After that, you need to ensure that the installation was successful before launching the software to convert EML to Amazon WorkMail.download eml to aws migration tool
  • After that, you need to click the Open button on the menu bar. After that, you will have a choice between the two options that follow: Select Files and Select Folders.choose files or folder option
  • After selecting the options, you may browse through all of the EML files. After locating all of the EML files that you want to import into Amazon WorkMail, you will need to submit those files to the tool.browse eml files
  • You’ll see that the EML files that you chose have been added to the tool’s left pane. You now have the ability to preview EML files, as well as the attributes that are associated with those files.preview eml files
  • Now, pick IMAP from the drop-down box that appears after clicking on the Export option.select saving option
  • Once you have entered your Amazon WorkMail account credentials and the name of your IMAP server, you will need to be sure to choose the Save option to import EML to Amazon WorkMail.click save to import eml to amazon workmail

As soon as everything has been successfully imported, you will be alerted. This is the procedure for importing several EML files into Amazon WorkMail at once. Now that the process is finished; one of our objectives is to show off the product’s features. Learn more about the instrument by digging into them.

Learn More About the EML to AWS Migration Tool

  • Conversion Capacity: This programme is ideal for batch migration, in which a large amount of data may be sent all at once. It is feasible to import many EML files at once into Amazon WorkMail. There are no restrictions at all when it comes to converting a large number of files simultaneously.
  • The Utility’s Capability to Provide a Preview: The preview feature that is made available by the utility is really beneficial. It is very necessary to perform an examination on EML files before importing them into AWS. Please make use of this EML viewer if you do not have access to any other EML viewers.
  • Self-sufficient: There is no need for additional software to import EML to Amazon WorkMail. This programme is independent and capable of executing the task without outside assistance.
  • Search Tool: You may find any certain property with little additional effort using the tool’s built-in search functionality. Whether it be a text or an email, you can easily see every instance of either sent or received within a certain time frame and to or from a specified address.


You now have access to a fantastic mechanism that can be used to import EML to Amazon WorkMail. With the help of the EML to AWS migration tool, it is possible to import an unlimited amount of data all at once. You are welcome to give the programme a try by using the free version that is now at your disposal. You may start using the programme to import EML files into Amazon WorkMail Services (AWS) as well as other services such as Zoho, Yahoo Mail, Gmail, Hotmail, and others as soon as you download it for free by clicking the link that has been provided above.