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Easily Import Google Takeout to Another Gmail Account With Complete Data

Admin ~ Published: 18-Nov-2021 ~ Import ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: This blog post is entirely devoted to assisting users to import Google Takeout to another Gmail account. So, if you were looking for a page with similar features, Welcome to our page.

“Hello, I just used the Google Takeout capabilities to export all of my Google account data, which is now saved on my local drive. Now I’d like to transfer the information to a new Gmail account for communication purposes. So, could you perhaps assist me with importing Google Takeout to another Gmail account?”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       William, Taxes

Well, the fact is that you may export all of your data from your Gmail account using the Google Takeout feature, but putting that data back into your Gmail account is not possible, at least not manually.

So we are going to offer you the best method to allow you to import Google Takeout to another Gmail account. So if this task needs to be done very quickly and urgently, let’s look at our suggestion.

Google Takeout to Gmail Import Tool: A Finest Solution

The MBOX File Converter is the software completely dedicated to solving your problem. It can import Google Takeout to another Gmail account in bulk by automating the process. It’s completely reliable software and also maintains the integrity of all your data during the process.

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Now is the time to tell you how to use the tool to import Google Takeout to another Gmail account. As a result, we are bringing you the process, and you need to go through it and see what you need to do at each step of the process.

Check out the Complete Process to Import Google Takeout to Another Gmail Account

  • Download Google Takeout to Gmail Import Tool by clicking the link below. Install it accepting to the general terms. Now start the software to import Takeout files to another Gmail account.download google takeout to gmail import tool
  • Now start by clicking on “Open” tab and then click on “Email Data File”. Click “MBOX” and then click to select either “Choose files” or “Choose folders”.choose files or choose folders
    • Start by browsing the Google Takeout data that you wish to import into Gmail and upload it into the software to import Google takeout to another Gmail account.browse google takeout data
  • Your selected Google Takeout files will now upload into the tool, which you will see in the left panel. Preview  Google Takeout emails before exporting them.preview emails
  • Now click “Export” tab and then click on Gmail from the various storage options.select gmail as saving option
  • Enter Gmail email address and password. After adding the account, click the Save button to export Takeout files to different Gmail account.click save to import google takeout to gmail

Now let’s move on to another learning unit about the software. We would now like to introduce you to some of the features of the tool. So if you want to know what values you can generate and how efficiently you can do your job, go through the functions one by one.

Learn More about the Google Takeout Files to Gmail Converter

  • Import Google Takeout to another Gmail account in bulk with all the attachments.
  • Offers you a complete preview of all your Google Takeout files associated data.
  • Helps forensic Investigator as it allows them to check emails in hex and raw views.
  • It enables you to find specific email or attachment from a specific emails addresses.
  • It also includes the email header of all of your emails before importing them into Gmail.
  • This app is 100% safe & secure and retains the properties of all of your Google Takeouts.
  • It has one of the simplest user interfaces that any technical and non-technical user can use.
  • It is completely self-contained and compatible with any device running Windows.

Note: We have only made the functions available to you to give you an idea of the tool. So keep in mind that these functions are just one of many, and if you want to know all the others, it would be better if you run the tool.

In Conclusion

We have given you the best way to import Google Takeout to another Gmail account. The Google Takeout to Gmail import tool is very efficient and allows you to convert large amounts of data at once. It is a comprehensive software that can also be utilized to convert Google Takeout to PST and variety of other saving options. It also acts as a viewer for takeout files as it allows you to open Google Backup Files. So, if you want an easy journey and an amazing data migration experience, give this tool a try.