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How to Open Gmail Backup Files in Easy Steps?

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It’s kind of very easy to secure Gmail emails; all you have to do is use a takeout function. However, it is very difficult to access the stored data later. This is due to the file format which is not easily accessible. But you don’t have to worry anymore; we have a reliable solution for you to open Gmail backup files. Follow us to find it.

Read out the Customer’ Query

“Hello, I just backed up my Gmail data using Google’s takeout functions. The problem I now have is that all the data has been saved in MBOX format which I have no idea how to access it. So can you help me find a reliable and easiest way to open Gmail backup files?”

Yes, when it comes to backup data via Google’s manual feature, it is not easy to view due to the format’s compatibility with a particular client and any other method. So we are going to tell you what these platforms are through which you can open Gmail backup files. So go through it for your solution.

Discover the Methods to Open Gmail Backup Files

The first method to view Gmail’s backup file is to use an email client that supports opening or importing / exporting MBOX files. This is how you can achieve your goal. So we explain to you what this client is and how you can do your job with it.

You can use the Thunderbird email client to open Gmail backup files. Yes, this account supports import and export of MBOX files, which is required for your job. So let’s explain to you how to access your files through this email platform.

Access Gmail Backup Files through Supported Client

  • First, you need to open your Thunderbird account and then click on Local Folders.
  • Click on Tools tab, select ImportExportTools NG then select import MBOX file.
  • Now you need to select the import method and then click on the OK.
  • Now you need to select the Gmail backup files that you want to open.
  • Your Gmail files will now appear in the local folder.

So, this is the first way you can open Gmail backup files. However, this method has some limitations that you need to be aware of.

  • If you don’t have such email client, you first have to download it.
  • You will have to manage this account for maintain your data.
  • If you want to access it you have to be linked to the device.

To overcome all of these drawbacks, we have another best method for you. So please go through it for the best solutions.

Check out the Automated Method to View Gmail Backup File

4n6 MBOX File Viewer is the method that allows you to open Gmail backup files easily and hassle-free. This automated approach is an all-in solution for you; which also helps you with many things.

Aside from viewing Gmail backup files, this app will also help you push them to some other platforms for more flexible access to your data.

So let’s explain how to use this Gmail backup file viewer. We will explain the complete process to you, which will bring you every detail about how the tool works.

Complete Instructions to Access Gmail Backup File

  • Download, install, and launch Gmail Backup File Viewer on the device where you have your data.

download software

  • Now click on the Open tab and then select Email Data File then MBOX Files to choose folders and files.

Click open to select MBOX

  • Browse through all of the Gmail backup files you want to open and prepare to load into the tool.

Browse the mbox data

  • Once all of the files are displayed in the left pane of the tool, you can open them as needed.

 Open Google backup files

Here’s how you can use the tool to open Gmail backup files.

We have thus fulfilled your main requirement. Now let’s tell you how to use this Gmail backup file viewer to export them to an easily accessible platform.

  • Click the Export tab and then select your desired platform to maintain your data. Here we take PDF as an example

Choose pdf saving option

  • After selecting the PDF, you need to browse the destination for your files and then hit the Save button to begin the process.

Browse destination click save

So, that’s how Gmail Backup File Viewer helps you for both. Now let’s give you some more details about the tool so that you better understand its potential

Know What Makes Gmail Backup File viewer Best for you

  • It allows you to open Gmail backup files in bulk without restricting you from anything.
  • It offers you two options to select files. You can select individual and also complete folders.
  • Gmail backup file viewer also allows you to export your data to many other platforms.
  • This application export the complete properties associated with your Gmail backup files.
  • It maintains the integrity of the data and retains all their properties while you open them.
  • It’s completely standalone and doesn’t require other app support to accomplish the task.
  • You can run it on any device which supports any new or old version Windows OS.

So, these are some of the tool’s many great features. However, if you want to learn about many other related functions of the tool, we recommend that you run it.

In Conclusion

We’ve given you two methods to open Gmail backup files, one through the email client and the other automated. If you use a Thunderbird account, your job can be done with ease. However, if you need a more convenient and easy way to access the Gmail backup file, you can use our suggested application. Now you can choose any of the methods as you like.