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Import Google Takeout to Outlook Account In The Easiest Way

Admin ~ Published: 18-Nov-2021 ~ Import ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Have you just used Google Takeout to build a backup of all your Gmail account data? Don’t you know what to do with it now, how to open it? Well, if you’re using an Outlook account, you can take advantage of it. Yes, all you need to do is import Google Takeout to Outlook.

See… The Google takeout functions make it simple to backup data. However, accessing the data is a bit more difficult because all of the data is either saved in the zip format or MBOX and both require a compatible application or email client to be accessed or used.

However, if you use Outlook as your secondary or primary account, you can use it to access your Google takeout data to go and also use it for email communication as you can send the emails through Outlook.

So let us present you the most reliable and compatible app with which you can easily import Google Takeout to Outlook. So let’s see what this method is and how it will help you.

Google Takeout to Outlook Converter: A Smarter Approach to Your Takeout Data

MBOX File Transfer Utility, this is the method to help you import Google Takeout files into Outlook. It’s an incredible app with an incredible approach. This will help you to import Google Takeout to Outlook in the easiest way and also in a short time. Since your Google Takeout data is saved in MBOX format, this app allows you to select all of your .mbox files or folders and convert them all at the same time in the same process.

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So let’s walk you through the process that you need to go through to import Google Takeout to Outlook. We therefore recommend that you go through each step carefully and become familiar with it.

Explore the Step-by-Step Process to Import Google Takeout to Outlook

  • Download Google Takeout to Outlook Converter on your Windows compatible device. Then install and launch it to import Google Takeout files to Outlook.launch google takeout to outlook import tool
  • Now you need to click on “Open” tab and then on “Email Data File” in the drop-down list. Click “MBOX” as Google Takeout files saves in a MBOX format and then select either “Choose files” or “Choose folders”.choose files or folders
  • Now browse the Google Takeout files that you want to import into Outlook and load them into the tool to import Google Takeout files to Outlook.browse google takeout files
  • Your selected Google Takeout files will now start uploading in the left pane of the Google Takeout Files to Outlook Converter. Now, if you wish, you can preview all of your Takeout data before importing it.preview before import google takeout to outlook
  • Now click on “Export” tab and then, in the drop-down menu, on PST (Because Outlook support .pst format).select pst saving option
  • Browse and select the desired location for your resulting data.browse location
  • Enable the various visible options for getting a better data output. Finally click the Save button to convert Google Takeout to Outlook.import google takeout files to outlook

You can now import your resulting files into Outlook using the manual functions.

There is one more thing we would like to offer you about this Google Takeout to Outlook Converter. It’s the features that make your data import easier and faster. We therefore encourage you to go through these as well and check out the benefits of using the app.

Benefits of Using the Google Takeout Files to Outlook Converter

  • You can select the Takeout Files through two ways; either through individual or folders.
  • Import Google Takeout to Outlook in batch from any of your folder like Inbox or personal.
  • Also import Google Takeout attachments, calendar and contacts into Outlook account.
  • You can preview your Google Takeout file in the Google Takeout to Outlook Converter.
  • You can also check the Google Takeout associated’ emails in raw as well as hex view.
  • Search function allows you to locate a certain email or attachment from specific address.
  • The tool to import Google Takeout files to Outlook allow you select the location for resultant files.
  • You can also include the email header of all your emails while importing them to outlook.

These are some of the features that will make your data conversion journey more effective and fun. However, these functions are only a glimpse and many surprises await you.

In Conclusion

The best way to access the takeout files is through the Outlook account. Hence, we have given you the best method to import Google Takeout to Outlook. Google Takeout Files to Outlook Converter is an all-in-one app that will bring you an easy journey by automating the process. It’s efficient and effective. You may also convert Google Takeout to PDF and other formats as well wit the tool’s license version. So if you prefer to do a smart job, give the tool a try.