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How to Export Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail With Complete Attachments?

Admin ~ Published: 28-Oct-2021 ~ Export ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Are you one of those users that still use Windows Live Mail to communicate via email? Do you wish to utilise this application to import the data from your Thunderbird account but can’t figure out how? We expect you’ll need some assistance, and we’ll be happy to assist you export Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail.

Although Windows Live Mail is an out-of-date service, we cannot overlook the fact that it has numerous functions. You may add many accounts to the app, such as Gmail, Outlook.com, and others. Means it gives you a one-stop shop for setting up and managing multiple accounts.

Allows you to view your emails and other properties offline and also integrate with Windows Messenger and RSS feeds. So, something like this assures you that using an old service is not a problem as it still gives you tons of benefits.

Thus, to help you get all of these benefits and export Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail, we will suggest the appropriate route and ask you to review it as it will be the most suitable for your data migration.

Thunderbird to Live Mail Export Tool: An Expert Solution

Thunderbird Mail Converter is the software that brings you the simplicity and can do the migration very quickly. With this program, you can export Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail with complete properties as easily as possible in the shortest possible time, even with large amounts of data.
download software

This software automatically detects any account you have configured with Thunderbird and simply uploads all associated folders and also supports manual file selection. So you get the dual mode option with this Thunderbird to Exchange Export  tool.

The first thing we want to offer you about this tool is the process that will lead you to the goal. So go over it completely and see what you need to do at each step.

Complete Instructions on How to Export Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail

  • Download and install Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail Export Tool on your Thunderbird-configured device. Once done, start the tool to import emails from Thunderbird into Windows Mail.download thunderbird to windows live mail converter
  • Now click on the Open tab and then either select Thunderbird configured accounts or manually select folders.select account or folder option
  • Start by selecting all of the Thunderbird files that you want to migrate to WLM and uploading them to the tool.browse files
  • You will now see that all the selected folders have now been uploaded to the left pane of the tool.loaded data
  • Now you can preview the emails if needed.preview emails
  • Now click on the Export tab and then select EML from the drop down menu.select eml as saving option
  • Browse the location for your resulting files.browse location
  • Activate the options as you wish and finally click the Save button.click save to export thunderbird to windows live mail

Your files will now be migrated and saved in the location you selected.

You can then access your files remotely and then import them into WLM using the manual function.

Now we encourage you to take a look at some of the tool’s features if you want to learn more about its capabilities. There are many features in the tool that will make your data export more convenient and faster, so take a close look at these.

Check out What More This Tool Can Do for You

  • Detect Account Automatically: This software allows you to select the account that you have configured with Thunderbird. You need to select the account and then this tool will automatically upload all the associated folders at one time.
  • Select Data Manually: If you do not want to select the Thunderbird account or have not yet configured the account, you can select the folders manually. Yes, this app also allows you to choose the folders individually so you can only choose only important one.
  • Bulk Migration: Save a lot of time with this Thunderbird migration tool. This app allows you to export Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail in bulk. If you have a hundred or even more folders in your Thunderbird account, you can migrate them all at once.
  • Migrate Complete Properties: This software supports migrating full properties associated with your Thunderbird account or folders, such as: You can migrate all Thunderbird attachments to the e-mails as well as contacts and calendars.
  • Email Preview: This tool gives you a preview of all your emails; in addition to export Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail. You can preview all emails as well as attachments. You can also view all of your Thunderbird emails in hex and raw views.
  • Select Target Location: This tool allows you to select the desired target for your results data. This will help you to better protect your data as you can choose the totally safe and protective location.

In Conclusion

Thunderbird Migration Tool is the solution that allows you to easily export Thunderbird to Windows Live Mail. It’s a very effective tool and allows you to migrate data from any number of accounts that you have configured with Thunderbird to multiple savings like Gmail, Exchange, PST, EML, MBOX, PST and more. It also gives you a lot of great features that you can use for different purposes. So, all we can say if you are looking for an all-in-one solution, try out the tool.