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Convert TIFF to BMP in 3 Steps While Maintaining Image Quality

Admin ~ Published: 09-May-2022 ~ Convert Data ~ 4 Minutes Reading

This article is a fantastic place to go if you’re seeking for a proper approach to convert TIFF to BMP. We have a simple three-step technique that also retains image resolution during the file conversion procedure. So, if you’re interested in learning more about that option, let’s read the article in depth.

“Bitmap” It is sometimes referred to as a “BMP” or “bitmap image.” BMP is a frequently utilized raster graphic format. Numerous applications now support it on both Macintosh and Windows.

The BMP format does not compress the colour information included within each pixel. A 10×10 BMP image provides colour information for 100 pixels. This method of image storing yields high-resolution, high-quality images, but also massive files. For this reason, BMP pictures are widely used for printed graphics.

Thus, BMP is the best option for printing images of good quality. So as to convert your TIFF images to BMP, we now offer the most effective offline method. Consequently, have a look.

A Trustworthy Solution to Convert TIFF to BMP

DotStella Image File Converter is the most effective, secure, and user-friendly way for offline conversion of TIFF to BMP images. It permits the simultaneous conversion of several TIFF files while maintaining every piece of data. While the conversion process will be performed offline, no data will be lost as a result of an unreliable internet connection. Now that you understand the method, let’s explore its application. In this regard, we have supplied a detailed instruction.

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Step-by-step procedure to offline Convert TIFF Image to BMP Files

  • Download the TIFF files to BMP Converter on your Windows computer. After that, install and launch the software in order to convert TIFF image to JPG format.download tiff to bmp converter
  • After running the TIFF to BMP Converter, you must go to the Open tab and choose the Add Files or Add Folders option to upload TIFF files to the tool.choose tiff files
  • You may examine the TIFF files when you have browsed and submitted all of them to the tool to convert TIFF to BMP.preview tiff images
  • Now, pick BMP as the saving format from the Export tab.select bmp as saving option
  • Select the suitable area for storing the created files, and then click the Save Button to convert TIFF to BMP.click save to convert tiff to bmp

As a result, you can use the application to convert many photos from TIFF to BMP in a few simple steps, which appears to be uncomplicated because all you have to do is choose the images and convert them. This is only one of the several characteristics of the instrument. Consider some of the additional features that the TIFF to BMP Converter has to offer in detail.

Advanced Function of the TIFF File to BMP Converter

  • Batch Conversion: The TIFF file to BMP Converter allow you to batch convert TIFF to BMP in a single process. The utility’s capacity to pick and convert any number of files is unrestricted.
  • Standalone: The application is designed to convert TIFF image to BMP files without requiring any other installation. It is self-contained, and no further downloads are required during the operation.
  • Selective Data Conversion: Our application allows users to selectively transform TIFF files. Even after uploading TIFF files to the application, you may convert them to BMP by choosing certain files.
  • Processing is straightforward and quick: It is a professional solution and a product that has undergone extensive testing. The application produces accurate results without altering the data. This tool allows users to convert TIFF files to BMP files in the lowest time feasible.
  • OS Support: Users may convert TIFF image to BMP on any version of Windows with the TIFF file to BMP converter. As a result, the Tool is useful regardless of the OS you’re running.


In the blog, we demonstrated how to convert TIFF to BMP using a direct method. The TIFF file to BMP converter is a well-liked software that maintains data integrity during the converting process. It’s a one-stop shop that includes a bevvy of extra features. It offers a trial version as well as a few basic steps to complete the assignment. If you purchase a license version you can also convert TIFF image to PDF, GIF, PNG, EPS and other format as well. As a result, we strongly urge you to use the tool if you want to convert TIFF files to high-quality BMP photos.