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Convert TIFF to PNG Securely in a Few Simple Steps

Admin ~ Published: 12-May-2022 ~ Convert Data ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do your TIFF files contain a number of photos with a large resolution? Were you looking for a way to minimize the size of your large files without compromising quality? If this is the case, the PNG image format is your best bet. This format is exactly what you’ll need to employ to satisfy your requirements. Because we know how difficult it may be to reduce images while retaining their quality, we provide a great way to convert TIFF to PNG.

Considerations to Compress TIFF to PNG 

The excellent resolution of both Tiff and PNG images is preserved during the compression process. Conversion is required in certain situations, however, due to certain minor differences.

  • It’s likely that a TIFF file will be better served as a PNG file if it’s being distributed widely. This is because the PNG is more widely available to a broader range of users and systems.

Convenience and security should be top priorities while deciding whether or not to convert.

  • It’s important to keep in mind that TIFF is a virus-free file format. As a result, companies that deal with sensitive information use it.
  • In terms of security, the PNG is less reliable, but it is also more readily available. Because of this, if you do not require additional protection for your file, you may want to consider converting it to another file format.

These are the reasons and considerations to keep in mind while converting a TIFF to PNG picture. Consequently, to meet your needs, we present you with the best way to turn TIFF into PNG format. Check it out, if you will.

Convert TIFF to PNG without Sacrificing Quality is Now Possible.

Lossless PNG files may be created by converting .tiff files using the DotStella Image File Converter application. It is the best method for converting TIFF to PNG while preserving the image’s resolution. With this tool, you have a variety of advantages while converting TIFF files. In addition, you may batch convert TIFF to PNG in a short amount of time by following simple instructions. As a result, verify the procedure’s efficacy by doing a first inspection.

download button

  • Start by downloading the TIFF to PNG Converter onto a Windows-compatible device. Once the download is complete, follow the directions on-screen to install and finally launch the tool to compress TIFF to PNG.download tiff to png converter
  • When the software is launched, pick TIFF files from the Open tab. It will offer you with the Add Files and Add Folder choices. Select and upload TIFF files by clicking on any of the available options.choose tiff files or folders
  • After submitting all of the selected TIFF files to the offline TIFF to PNG Converter, you may choose the PNG format for saving under the Export tab.choose png as saving option
  • Then, go to and choose the location where you wish to save your files, followed by clicking the Save option to convert TIFF image to PNG files.click save to convert tiff to png

This concludes the topic of how to convert TIFF to PNG. Next, we will examine some of the tool’s features. Now that you’ve demonstrated that it can convert TIFF images to lossless PNG files, let’s evaluate its performance. Consequently, have a look.

Find Some Traits of the TIFF to PNG Batch Converter

  • Simplest User Interface: The TIFF image to PNG Converter has a simple user interface. As a consequence, even if this is your first time using the tool to compress TIFF to PNG, you will have no problems.
  • Selection Way: The TIFF to PNG batch converter application provides a dual mode for selecting TIFF. You can choose a single TIFF file or a folder with many TIFF files before you compress TIFF to PNG.
  • Batch Convert TIFF to PNG: With the TIFF to PNG Converter, you may convert several TIFF files to PNG at once. No matter how many files you wish to convert, you just need to do one action.
  • OS Support: On Windows, the software can convert TIFF files to PNG. Furthermore, you may complete your assignment using any version of Windows OS.
  • Maintain Integrity: The utility can convert TIFF to PNG without sacrificing quality. Throughout the process, it retains the resolution and integrity of the data.
  • Location Selection: Instead of forcing you to use the default path, the TIFF to PNG batch converter allows you to specify the destination for the resultant files.

In Conclusion

We’ve shown you how to convert TIFF to PNG in the most efficient way possible. The recommended TIFF file to PNG Converter allows you to do the task in the most straightforward manner possible. It has a tonne of great features, including powerful and intricate functionality that you may use to do a range of jobs. It also comes with a demo version, which we strongly recommend you try out. With the free version you may convert TIFF images to multiple savings like AI, EPSGIF, and more. After that you may but license key to uncover all of the tool’s capabilities. So, download the tool from the link above and compress TIFF to PNG right away.