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Convert TIFF Image to JPG Without Sacrificing Image Quality

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Summary: This article covers the best approach to batch convert TIFF image to JPG. So, if you’re seeking for similar information, read the complete post.

Due to the fact that not all apps accept TIFF files, some users may choose to transfer them to JPG or another file that their software support. TIFF images (tagged image file format) are lossless compressed raster graphics that are frequently used to store large amounts of visual data.

Why Would You Want to Change TIFF File to JPG?

While TIFF files are ideal for making high-quality prints from artwork with a resolution of 300 dpi or above, they may cause complications when used online.

This is the time to convert TIFFs to JPGs (joint photographic experts group). JPG files are lossy compression formats, but when correctly converted from TIFF to JPG, you get a high-quality image with a much reduced file size. This will make them suitable for use online or as an email attachment.

A Suitable Way to Convert TIFF Image to JPG

DotStella Image File Converter is the most efficient and widely used way to change photo from TIFF to JPG photographs of great quality. The tool is designed to work with TIFF files, allowing users to convert them to a format of their choice, such as JPG. The tool’s prominent characteristic is that it can group change TIFF file to JPG without any limitations in only a few simple steps. As a result, the technique by which the instrument will finish your work is the first feature to consider.

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Step-by-step Process to Convert Multiple TIFF to JPG 

  • On your Windows machine, download the Batch TIFF to JPG Converter. Following that, install and start the tiff image converter to JPG to convert TIFF image to JPG.start tiff to jpg converter
  • After starting the tool to convert multiple TIFF to JPG, you must click on Open tab and select TIFF files. After that click the Choose Files or Choose Folder option.choose tiff files or folders
  • Once you have uploaded to all the TIFF files to the Batch TIFF to JPG Converter you may preview them.preview tiff images
  • Now, click the Export tab and select saving option as JPG as the saving option.select jpg as saving option
  • Navigate to the appropriate location for storing the produced files, and then hit the Save button to convert TIFF to JPG.click save to convert tiff to jpg

In this way, you can use the application to convert multiple images from TIFF to JPG in a few easy steps, which looks to be straightforward because you only need to select the files and convert them. This is one of the many attributes of the tool. Let’s take a closer look at the TIFF to JPG Converter’ other capabilities.

Explore Some Traits of the TIFF to JPG Converter

  • Batch Conversion: The tool provides bulk conversion of numerous photos from TIFF to JPG. This manner, regardless of the amount of files, it is possible to convert TIFF image to JPG concurrently.
  • Methods of Data Selection: This batch TIFF to JPG Converter enables you to convert a single or a large number of TIFF images to the JPG format. This may be accomplished by either selecting the option Select files or the option Select folder.
  • Selective image conversion: Among the several benefits of this application, one that makes it the most desired for batch TIFF to JPG conversion is its selective conversion feature. This method converts a subset of TIFF images to JPG format.
  • Preview Function: The TIFF to JPG Converter allows you to preview all the TIFF images before converting them. You can even preview the Image with the tool’s free version.
  • Route Selection: The tool to convert multiple TIFF to JPG enables you to save the resultant JPG files to any location. Additionally, by clicking the browse option, you may modify the saving path.
  • Preserves image quality: The tool maintains the image’s quality throughout the TIFF to JPG conversion procedure. It maintains the original image’s resolution in its entirety.

In Conclusion

We’ve offered an effective and straightforward way to convert TIFF image to JPG format. The TIFF to JPG Converter is a one-stop shop for converting TIFF files to JPG files. It permits the simultaneous conversion of an infinite amount of data. Additionally, it allows you to convert TIFF files to various alternatives like EPS, GIF, BMP, PDF, WEBP and other image format as well if you purchase its license version. Therefore, if you want to do the task quickly and easily without spending excessive effort, consider using the utility.