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Convert PSD to TIFF in Bulk Without Photoshop

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Commence converting PSD file to TIFF picture immediately. We aim to give a solution that will eliminate the need for a time-consuming Photoshop approach to change the file extension. Using the method outlined on this page, you may quickly convert PSD to TIFF in a few simple steps. Start reading it now to convert your TIFF files quickly.

How to Convert PSD to TIFF Without Photoshop?

DotStella’ Image file converter is the application that is specifically intended for converting photos to other formats. It’s a fantastic solution that allows you to convert PSD files directly to TIFF photos without having to go through a long and cumbersome conversion process. You may convert an infinite number of .tiff files with this Windows-compatible tool, and the image quality is uncompromized throughout the process. To get the most out of the tool, we recommend that you follow the instructions outlined below.

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Detailed instruction to Convert PSD File to TIFF

  • Download, install, and run the PSD to TIFF converter on your Windows compatible device to begin the conversion process.download the tool to convert psd to tiff
  • The Open tab option must now be selected from the menu bar. From the drop-down menu, select a PSD file. Then, select files or folders.upload files to the psd to tiff converter
  • After selecting and uploading all of the PSD files, select TIFF as the saving format from the drop-down option in the Export tab of the tool.select tiff as saving option
  • Click the explore option to choose the best location to save your newly produced files. Click the Save button when you’re done to convert PSD file TIFF file.click save to convert psd to tiff
  • The PST to TIFF conversion will now begin. It would require only a few moments and once it is finished, you will be informed.conversion completion notification

The tool’s UI will provide a notification as soon as all of the files have been converted to PSD format. Following the procedure, we’d want to go through some of the more sophisticated features with you. Take a look at these to get a sense of what the tool can do.

Find Some Traits of the PSD to TIFF Converter

  • User-Friendly Interface: The program’s user interface is simple and easy to use. Whether this is your initial experience using it, you won’t have an issue with it all.
  • Batch Convert PSD to TIFF: It is possible to convert several PSD files to TIFF at the same time with the PSD converter. You may transfer as many PSD labels as you like at once.
  • Selective Conversion: Only the folders or files you choose to migrate are transformed. If you just want to transfer certain files, you may choose and uncheck folders in the tool.
  • OS Support: Software compatibility is assured on Windows-based platforms. You may now free convert PSD to TIFF file on Windows, regardless of the version you are using.
  • Analysis: PSD files may be converted to TIFF files using the PSD file to TIFF converter, which also provides image previews. In the tool, you have access to the whole Photoshop document.

Frequently Asked Question

Is there a limit to the number of files I may convert at once using this tool?

The only constraint you may encounter is with the tool’s trial version. You may convert PSD to TIFF in batches without any restrictions after you upgrade to the licencing version.

Will the visual quality suffer as a result of the conversion?

No, the PSD to TIFF converter is completely safe and maintains picture quality. Once they’ve converted, you’ll be able to see the original resolution.

I’m still using Windows 8, would this software work on that as well?

The application will run on any Windows operating system version, newer or older. On Windows 8, 8.1, and any later version, you may convert PST file to TIFF.


Convert PSD to TIFF in bulk with all related attributes in a simple and efficient manner. The PSD file to TIFF converter is created with usability in mind. As a result, it has a variety of features that will enhance your overall experience. There is a trial version with restricted conversion capabilities. After acquiring the licencing version, you may convert PSD image to TIFF, as well as PNG, GIF, WEBP, AI, SVG, BMP among others. Download the application now to obtain all of its features.