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Convert PSD to AI With Layers in a Few Easy Steps

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Summary: With us, you may convert PSD to AI quickly and easily. We want to provide you with a thorough explanation of why and how to convert a PSD file to an AI file without using Illustrator. We recommend that you continue reading the post to learn how to convert several PSD files at once.

What Are the Benefits of PSD to AI Conversion?

When making logos, Photoshop is a poor application to use since it will just waste your time and money. A logo created in Photoshop cannot be expanded or altered in the same way that a logo created in Illustrator can. When using vector-based rendering, type will print the clearest. The Adobe Creative Cloud Package includes a variety of apps for creating various types of art in several disciplines.

Illustrator uses vectors, which are points that are utilized to make flawlessly smooth lines. This tool allows you to create and modify vector-based artwork including images, icons, and other design components. Vectors are scalable pictures that may be resized to whatever size you require while maintaining the same level of clarity and sharpness.

A Beneficial Technique to Convert PSD to AI With Layers

After a thorough investigation, you’ve come upon the most effective solution to your problem: DotStella’ Image file converter. Since the solution tries to convert several files concurrently, even if you have a huge number of PSD files, it won’t take too long to convert them. Additionally, the tool is incredibly safe, guaranteeing that your PSD files are not changed throughout the conversion process. The below tutorial will walk you through each stage of the process to convert Photoshop file to AI format. So, examine them.

download button

  • To convert PSD file to AI, click the link above and download the PSD to AI converter. Then, on Windows, install and run it.download the psd to ai converter
  • When the tool is ready, pick and upload all of the PSD files you wish to convert by clicking the Open tab and selecting PSD files and then Choose Files or Choose Folders.upload files to the tool
  • Once all the PSD files are visible on the left pane of the tool to convert PSD file to AI, give them a check.preview psd files
  • Now, by choosing the Export tab, you must now navigate to the saving options and pick AI from the drop-down box.select ai as saving option
  • Select a location to save the resulting files and click the Save button to batch convert PSD to AI.click save to convert psd to ai

When you click the save button, the conversion procedure begins. You will be notified once all of the images have been converted. Let’s begin by learning more about the tool’s usefulness. We’d like to showcase a few of its features to help you better understand it. Take a look.

Learn More About The PSD File to AI Converter

  • Ease of Use: The PSD file to AI Converter’ user interface is the most straightforward. You won’t have any problems converting PSD to AI if you’ve never done it before.
  • Conversion Capacity: The PSD image to AI converter supports batch conversion of PSD to AI with illustrator. You may convert a large number of files at once with ease.
  • Browse Location: You are not needed to store your freshly created files to a specified location. It enables you to locate and pick the most suitable and accessible location.
  • File Selection Mode: When using this tool to choose PSD files, you have two possibilities. Both a single PSD and a group of PSD folders are acceptable options.
  • OS Compatibility: It works with all versions of Windows. As a result, you may use the tool to convert PSD to AI with layers on Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and earlier.


An offline method to convert PSD to AI with layers is included in the blog post. When you utilize the PSD file to AI converter, you can rest easy knowing that no data will be lost throughout the translation process. It includes a free trial version that enables you to convert PSD image to AI as well as to PDF, EPS, JPG, PNG, SVG and more. It’s a great tool to change PSD to multiple saving options. We strongly recommend using the application if you want to convert PSD files to high-quality images.