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How to Convert OLM to PDF on Windows OS in Simple Steps ?

Admin ~ Published: 16-Sep-2021 ~ Convert Data ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Note: This article is all about how to convert OLM to PDF format with all properties.

  • How do I print emails with attachments from .olm to PDF ?
  • Is it possible to access OLM file on Windows ? If yes, how ?
  • Does there exist any approach to convert OLM to PDF Document?
  • Please suggest me a best OLM to PDF converter for Win 10.

As mentioned previously, DotStella support executives receive several queries concerning OLM to PDF file conversion. As a result, we’ve written today’s post to alert forensics investigators to the existence of a standalone OLM to PDF converter.

Quick Overview on Solution for OLM to PDF Conversion

  1. Launch OLM to PDF exporter on your system.
  2. Click on Open file >> Choose From a Folder.
  3. Browse and preview Mac Outlook file mailboxes.
  4. Click on Export and choose PDF from the list.
  5. Locate the path to save output PDFs & hit on Save.

Most Admirable Method to Convert OLM to PDF Format

Here, we’ll show how to convert OLM file to PDF document. This approach is easily implementable by forensic investigators, business professionals, home-based users, and other sorts of computer users. Given that you’ve come here to get the finest option to save Outlook email as PDF documents for Mac, let’s get started without spending any time.

Check out now

download software

  • When installation gets completed, launch OLM to PDF file Converter.
  • Click Open tab and then, select Choose From a Folder option.

convert olm to pdf

  • A window appears where you have to locate towards the path at which OLM file is stored. Perform a single mouse-click on it and then, hit on Open button.
  • Software begins extracting mailboxes along with internal content, from the OLM file. It loads all the fetched content on its preview panel and enables you to analyze them.

olm to pdf converter

  • Once you are done with previewing, click Export to convert OLM to PDF.
  • From the appeared list, hit on PDF option for achieving portable documents of Mac Outlook emails.

convert olm file to pdf format

  • Move the mouse cursor towards left-hand side of the screen and then, check the checkbox of folders. These folders will be the one whose content you wish to export.
  • If wish to change default storage location of PDF files, use Browse button to alter them. Otherwise, simply move to Step (10)
  • Finally, click on Save button to begin the entire procedure for converting OLM file to PDF.

export mac outlook olm to pdf

PDF files can be opened with Google Chrome, Adobe Reader, or any other digital platform that supports PDF files. Additionally, the OLM to PDF converter exports emails that contain attachments (s). This implies that you may also read an email attachment as PDF file.

Tip –The free OLM to PDF converter version allows you to export ten items from each specified folder. You may do this independently and evaluate the software’s functioning. Once satisfied, purchase the full version of the application to remove the demo edition’s limitations and to convert OLM to Text and other file type as well.
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Spectacular Features of OLM to PDF Converter

  • Convert OLM to PDF on Windows –The solution to convert OLM to PDF does not require the installation of the Outlook email client for Windows / Mac. In the absence of a supported mailing application, officials may undertake the conversion procedure. Additionally, they can employ this strategy on any version of the Windows operating system, including 10.
  • Perfect for Forensics Investigators – Apart from conversion, DotStella OLM to PDF converter provides facility to investigate suspected OLM file. It renders Advance Search feature in it that is an excellent means to search for desired emails from OLM. One can use it to analyze .olm of Mac Outlook 2019 or any other version.
  • Does Not Cause Harm to Email Integrity – The utility has been designed with specialized algorithms in it. These algorithms ensure 100% email integrity along with attachment(s). Properties like To, Cc, Bcc, Subject, hex value, etc., are kept intact throughout the procedure for OLM to PDF conversion.

Observational Verdict

How do I convert OLM to PDF without Outlook? Answer to this question has been described in today’s write-up. The OLM to PDF converter, which we suggested, migrates all OLM mailboxes to Adobe PDF format. One can browse OLM file of any size without any restriction and hence, use the tool to view OLM without Mac. We hope that your problem has been troubleshooted and in case, you have any doubt then, don’t hesitate. Simply click on ‘Contact Us’ and put your query ahead.