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Import OLM File to iCloud Complete With Contacts & Attachments

Admin ~ Published: 29-Apr-2022 ~ Import ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: This article is essential reading if you’re looking for a way to import OLM file to iCloud. It explains one of the most effective methods for transferring your OLM emails and contacts to iCloud. As a consequence, begin viewing the whole data set to extract the most relevant information for you.

Why Should You Import OLM to iCloud?

  • All of your emails are saved in an OLM file if you use Microsoft Outlook on a Mac. All of the emails, attachments, and other objects in your MS Outlook inbox are stored in this file.
  • On the other hand, iCloud makes use of the free storage space that is accessible on all Macs. Due to the file’s incompatibility, it is difficult to view OLM files to iCloud. Unless you import the OLM file to iCloud.

Because of this, you will first need to move Mac Outlook OLM files to iCloud with all of their data intact. An automated tool is required to finish the import procedure. After that it’s possible to access and handle all of your OLM emails from iCloud.

An Efficient Way to Import OLM File to iCloud

With the aid of a professional OLM Converter Wizard, you can effortlessly convert all of the emails from an OLM file to iCloud in a hassle-free manner. On the other side, manually importing OLM emails or contacts to iCloud may necessitate a high level of technical knowledge. You might lose all of your data even if you skip a single step. As a result, using a professional tool to convert OLM to iCloud on Mac is the best option. Check out the step-by-step guide below to understand the tool’s functionality.

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The recommended professional tool comes with a free trial version. This version is extremely useful for people who wish to try out the tool before purchasing the licencing version. You can import OLM to iCloud at a specific level with this version, and you can also open OLM messages. Install the free version to have a better grasp of the product in person.

Complete Instructions for Importing OLM to iCloud

  • First of all, download the OLM to iCloud Converter on a Windows-compatible device. Following that; install it following the on-screen directions and then launch it to import OLM to iCloud.start olm to icloud converter
  • When you execute the software, you will be given the following choices: Choose a file from the folder. By pressing on it, you may pick and send OLM to the utility.select olm files
  • After you’ve submitted all of your OLM files to the OLM to iCloud Converter, you may designate them for transformation.select files for conversion
  • Then, as the saving format, select IMAP. Then input your iCloud email address and password before clicking the Save button to import OLM to iCloud.select imap click save to import olm file to icloud account

That’s how you import OLM file to iCloud account. As you can see, the method is simple and straightforward, which makes it an excellent choice for you. Let’s discover more about it now. We’d like to show you some of its excellent features so you can see its complete potential.

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Learn More About the OLM to iCloud Converter.

  • Batch Conversion: The utility allows you to bulk import OLM file to iCloud. There are no restrictions when it comes to choosing and extracting data from Outlook OLM files.
  • Import with Attachments: The tool imports not only the OLM emails but also the attachments and contacts to iCloud. You may import all your general properties.
  • Preview Files: The OLM to iCloud Converter may also be used to view OLM files. It allows you to preview all of the emails, contacts, and other data linked with your OLM files.
  • Multiple Preview Modes: The utility lets you preview data in a variety of ways. You have the option of previewing in hex, raw, or header mode. Use them according to your needs.
  • Search Tool: This OLM to iCloud Converter allows you to locate certain attributes from a large number of OLM files; all you have to do is utilize the sophisticated search function.


To access OLM data on iCloud, you must first import it. As a consequence, we’ve provided you with the optimal method. The OLM to iCloud Converter is a specialized tool to import OLM file to iCloud. It has the best features and the simplest approach ever. Additionally, it provides a sample version for the user’s convenience and is completely safe and secure. Thus, for an effortless data transformation journey, it is critical to test the tool.