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Convert GIF to PNG Without Corrupting Any Images

Admin ~ Published: 30-Jun-2022 ~ Convert Data ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: The best method to convert GIF to PNG may be found in this article. We have outlined every action you must take to convert GIF animation to a PNG sequence. To acquire far more than you need, you must read the entire post.

PNG is generally preferable than GIF since it is younger, supports more colours, and is not subject to patent limitations. PNG cannot be animated, but it does enable very complex transparency and colour support, among other things. PNG is preferable than GIF in most circumstances when animation is not required. Why PNG Over GIF?

A Hassle-free Way to Convert GIF to PNG Transparent background

You may use DotStella’ Image file converter tool to convert GIF image to PNG online. As the name says, the tool strives to assist users in converting various GIF files to numerous alternatives so that the activity they need to do may be completed without issues. It can safely change GIF file to PNG without corrupting any data. Furthermore, it provides a simple technique for converting your batch GIF files. We recommend that you go through those stages to become acquainted with how the tool works.

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How to Convert GIF animation to PNG sequence?

TIP: If you want to test out the tool before purchasing it, download the free version. You will be given a demo version of the utility after downloading it, which has restricted capabilities to convert GIF animation to PNG. To have a better understanding of its processes, you can investigate them. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you download the trial version first.

  • To convert GIF to PNG frames, download, install, and run the GIF animation to PNG sequence converter on your Windows-based device.download gif to png converter tool
  • You must select the Open tab from the navigation bar once the application has been opened. You must choose the GIF files from the drop-down list when it displays.select gif
  • The left pane of the tool to convert GIF to PNG will now have all of the GIF files you have chosen. Once they are visible, you may preview them according on your needs.preview files
  • Next, select the Export Pick PNG as the saving option when the drop-down box displays.select png saving option
  • To find the ideal location to save your created files, click the browse Once finished, click the Save option to convert GIF in PNG format online.click save to convert gif to png

Immediately, all of the GIF files you’ve chosen will be converted to PNG formats. Thus, that is how the tool works. If you’re interested in learning more, you may look at some of the features of the tool that have been listed below.

Explore Some Functions of the GIF to PNG Converter

  • Mass Change GIF File to PNG: Batch conversion from BMP to JPG is possible with this app. There are no restrictions when it comes to simultaneously converting a sizable number of files.
  • Data Selection Mode: There are two options offered by the application for choosing which GIF files to convert. You may select either a specific file or a whole folder in order to change GIF to PNG.
  • Analyzing the image: The GIF animation to PNG Converter also reads GIF files. It may be used to go through GIF images in-depth before converting them.
  • Learn More About the Spot: When using the app, you may look around for and choose a good location for your data. By choose a secure location, you can help protect your files.
  • Device Compatibility: Any device running the Windows operating system is compatible with the tool. All Windows versions, including Windows 11, 10, 8, 7, and previous, are compatible with it.


The best GIF animation to PNG converter software makes it simple to convert GIF to PNG. The application is highly robust and enables you to effortlessly convert thousands of GIF files at once. You can utilize the free trial edition that is included to learn more about the product. To make the most of the utility and to convert GIF to several formats including WEBP, TIFF, BMP, JPG, and others, you may purchase a licence key. Right now, get the tool for free to convert GIF image to PNG.