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Thunderbird to Zimbra Migration Tool To Bulk Export Data In Easy Steps

Admin ~ Published: 08-Nov-2021 ~ Migration ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Thunderbird to Zimbra Migration Tool, this is the necessity of today as such a tool is the only way to export Thunderbird to Zimbra account.

Thunderbird gives you the option to add multiple cloud-based or IMAP-supported accounts. However there is no way to add Thunderbird to the Zimbra account as such a feature is not currently available.

So if you don’t want to wait for a direct solution to export Thunderbird to Zimbra, you can rely on the Thunderbird to Zimbra migration tool.

Therefore we present you what you want. A tool that achieves your goal in the simplest way and in the shortest possible time. So please go through it and get what you came here for.

Thunderbird to Zimbra Migration Tool: A Convenient Way to Migrate Data

Thunderbird Migrator Utility is the tool designed for Thunderbird data migration. Yes, it’s just a Thunderbird specific tool that makes it best for you. This app is the most convenient and reliable way to backup emails from Thunderbird to Zimbra in bulk along with all the properties while also keeping the data integrity. This Thunderbird to Zimbra migration tool is rich in so many advanced functions. It has many features that can empower your data migration with greater speed, reliability, and adequacy.

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Let us explain to you how you can use these functions for what purpose and in which step. We therefore offer you the complete process that we ask you to go through in order to find out how many steps you have to go through and what functions they offer.

Step-by-step Process to Export Thunderbird to Zimbra with Attachments

  • Download the Thunderbird to Zimbra Migration Tool to the device where the account is set up. Accept some random agreements to install the tool and then finally launch it.download thunderbird to zimbra migration tool
  • Now go to the Open tab and select either Select Configured Accounts or Select Folders, depending on your needs.select folder option
  • Now, from the device, choose the appropriate Thunderbird folder / files and load them into the tool.browse thunderbird data
  • In the tool’s left pane, you’ll see that all of your Thunderbird mailboxes have been loaded. Before moving your emails, give them a review.preview thunderbird emails
  • Now go to the Export tab and select IMAP from the drop-down box.select imap as saving option
  • Finally, click the Save button after entering the Zimbra email address and password, as well as the IMAP server name and port number.click save to migrate thunderbird to zimbra
  • Your procedure will then begin, and when it is complete, you will receive a notification with a “Open folder” tab that allows you to directly access your backup account.click open folder

This is how the Thunderbird to Zimbra migration tool will help you.

Let’s take a closer look at the tool’s features. We describe some of its characteristics in depth, as well as the results they generate for you. So, let’s have a look at them one by one.

Thunderbird Mailbox to Zimbra Migration Software: Its Functions with Value

  • You can select the configured Thunderbird account to upload all folders at once.
  • Allows you to manually select Thunderbird folders so that you can select them as needed.
  • Export Thunderbird to Zimbra in bulk with all associated folders like Inbox, Sent Box, etc.
  • Export Thunderbird attachments, calendar, contacts and other related properties.
  • Allows you to review all of your Thunderbird emails and attachments before migrating them.
  • You can also check Hex, Raw View, and Message Header of all your Thunderbird emails.
  • You can include an email header so that you can verify the full email path after migration.
  • Thunderbird to Zimbra Migration Tool is completely standalone & free of any other support

We are now bringing you some of the previously asked questions about this Thunderbird mailbox to the Zimbra migration tool. So if you also have doubts and want to resolve them, go through the FAQs, you might find a similar one to yours.


Can I test this tool without buying a license key?

Yes, you can safely do that. Even you can export Thunderbird to Zimbra to some extent and experience its features as well. However, all things are restricted in the demo version and if you want to take full advantage of them, you will need to use the license key.

If I am not configured with the Thunderbird account and only have its data on a local drive, can this tool still export it to Zimbra?

Yes, this tool offers two options for selecting the date. One for those configured with the account and also for those who only have their files

I have more than two accounts configured with Thunderbird. Can this Thunderbird to Zimbra migration tool can export them all?

Yes, this app supports the export of all accounts that you have configured with Thunderbird. It can also recognize them easily and upload all data automatically.

Can I run this tool on my Windows 10 supported device?

Yes, this application is compatible with all versions of Windows. So you can run it on any device running Win 10, 8.1, 8 and any lower edition.

Note: If you have any further questions about this Thunderbird mailbox to Zimbra migration tool, please feel free to ask us.

In Conclusion

Thunderbird to Zimbra Migration Tool has the ability to make your request come true. It is a complete package that offers you many advantages. It aims to make your data migration journey easier by giving you advanced features. So if you want to export Thunderbird to Zimbra in the easiest way and in minutes, give this tool a try.