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Learn How to Search Outlook Emails Between Time

Admin ~ Modified: 27-Jan-2023 ~ Outlook ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Here’s the scenario. You are a forensic investigator looking for a professional solution to search Outlook emails by time. This may be due to new evidence in case you just follow the instructions.

Nowadays, searching Outlook email between date and times is a necessity for many. You want to review emails sent and received between a particular time. But how is this a big question?

Well, you’re lucky.

Today’s post describes some steps to search Outlook emails by time. We will also go through an expert solution to find emails between certain times in MS Outlook without loss.

How to Search Outlook Emails Between Time ?

Let’s get a quick overview of the expert solution before we start with the entire process.

The DotStella Outlook Forensic Wizard is a proficient utility that help user to Search Outlook Emails by Time. It designed to works for all types of users. The tool also provides a preview of email headers information. This software has advanced search options to search your Outlook emails using filters between times. Now we want to understand the process.

If you are someone who wants comprehensive step-by-step instructions to better understand things. That’s exactly what you get here. Follow the steps for Outlook search emails between time.

Direct Steps to Search Outlook Emails by Time

  • Download & launch Outlook Email Forensic Tool on Windows system.
download software
  • Now check Open File option. Here you will have three options for loading Outlook data. Pick the desired one.

    click open tab to search outlook emails

  • You should now browse all Outlook e-mail folders.

    browse outlook pst files

  • Once all the files / folders have been loaded into the tool preview them.

    preview email before you search outlook emails by time

  • Click on the Advanced Search icon in the upper right corner.

    click on search bar

  • Here, you can see the tool provides multiple options. Select Emails option in the Search-In box. From various filters, choose time and click on Find button.

    search outlook emails by time

In this way, you can search Outlook emails by time. If you want to save the sorted emails in PDF or other file formats, the tool has options. Click on the Export option to save the sorted emails as PDF, EML, CSV, etc.

click export tab

Try Free Demo

Search Outlook Emails by Time. It is a great option for many. The free trial version allows the user to understand the complete working and features of product. When you are satisfied, activate the program license key and check for unlimited Outlook emails in time.

Major Features of Best Outlook Email Search Tool

The software comes with many great features that make finding emails in Outlook between certain data quick and easy. Get more information about those functions.

  • The program has a quick search option which allows users to search specific text in outlook‘ particular folders.
  • The advanced search option allows you to search data items across folders when searching Outlook emails between time.
  • The tool provides preview of emails and attachments. This product also allows you to save attachments.
  • This utility is an independent application that does not require an external Outlook installation.
  • If you Search Outlook Emails by Time, the software will show details of all headers such as To, Cc, Bcc, From etc.
  • The program has a compact viewing option that shows the Outlook folders you need. Here you can view system folders and user folders.

This expert solution is used by multiple users and organizations to make their job easier. Let’s see what everyone has to say.

Why People Trust this Solution to Find Outlook Emails by Time

The first and most important thing is an automatic solution. Additionally, the tool does not change any information when sorting Outlook emails. Now let’s see what the user will say about the product.

We sorted Outlook emails between time using Outlook email search Tool. It’s an amazing tool that works perfectly. Any employee can use it to facilitate their work.

Trent Colson, Sydney

We immediately recognized how efficient the Outlook email forensics tool for our needs and were glad to receive this product. This greatly simplifies the work of our forensic investigator. The compact view option is also great. Keep up the great work.

Jack Yates, USA

Commonly Asked User Queries

Ques 1. How can I search Outlook emails that are sent by time ?

Ans. Follow the above screenshot to search Outlook emails by date.

Ques 2. Can I use this tool to search my Outlook calendar by subject?

Ans. Yes, With Outlook Email Search Tool, users can also easily search Outlook calendar by subject.

Ques 3. I want to search Outlook emails received by time ? Is it possible with the application ?

Ans. Yes, the tool is able to search Outlook emails that arrive by time.

The Conclusion

I hope you get your best solution for Outlook search emails between time. The above solution is completely stress free. In addition, the software does not require any technical knowledge to operate. The user can check the free trial version of the software to look for 10 Outlook emails within a certain time. Once you are satisfied, buy the licensed version of the program.