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Search Emails in PST Files Without Using Outlook Account

Admin ~ Published: 23-Dec-2022 ~ Outlook Data File ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Synopsis: One of the most difficult tasks you will ever face is searching for certain emails in PST files, especially if you do not have an Outlook account. But if you follow the instructions in this article, you might be able to make this chore one of the simplest. We recommend that you read the entire text to find the easiest yet most safe approach to search emails in PST files.

Is it possible to search for certain emails in PST files without using Outlook? I have a large number of PST files that I accumulated while using Outlook. I’ve just discovered a need to look for certain essential emails that I received over a specific time period. Please provide a tool for searching for emails from a certain time range and even by email address in PST. The Inquirer

An Outstanding Way to Search Emails in PST Files

If you want to search emails in PST, you should use the PST Converter Tool. The goal of this application is to make a challenging process as simple as possible for you. It allows you to look for PST emails based on certain parameters with only a few clicks. It is a Windows-based tool that is safe, cutting-edge, and simple to use. We have detailed all of the processes below to make it easier for you to use the tool. Please test them all to ensure that the tool is operational.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Search Specific Emails in PST Files

  • Download the software to your device and begin installing it after agreeing to some standard terms and conditions. To search emails in PST, launch the tool.start the tool to search emails in pst
  • On the menu bar, select the Open To pick and upload PST files to the tool, use the “Choose File from a Folder” option.click open tab
  • Begin by accessing all of the PST files in which you wish to hunt for certain emails and importing them all into the app.browse pst files
  • You may preview the PST files when they have been imported into the tool.preview emails
  • Now, select the Search option to begin looking for specific emails in PST files. You may also use other filters based on your needs.search emails in pst

So, that’s how you can search for emails in PST with a few simple clicks and even without an Outlook account. We have a few more intriguing information concerning the tool that we recommend you check into. We have outlined some of the tool’s characteristics below; you should read them to learn more about it.

Discover Some Traits of the Email Search Tool for PST Files

  • Ease of Use: The application to search emails in PST is quite simple to use and does not have any sophisticated functionalities that will cause you any problems at any point of the operation. It features the simplest UI that any user may utilize.
  • Preview Features: It is crucial to open PST files since you must perform research on them. As a result, this utility enables you to read PST files without using Outlook and allows you to see them in several formats, including Hex and raw modes.
  • The Excellent Search Function: The software provides different filters so that you may search in PST in the manner you like. You may look for emails in PST by time period, file size, email address, and other criteria. All you have to do is choose an option and begin your search.
  • More than a Searcher: The application is far more versatile than merely a search engine for emails stored in PST files. Once your investigation is complete, you might also be able to convert PST files using that tool. With this all-in-one solution, you can convert your PST files to Text, PDF, CSV, and more.


You can now easily search emails in PST files. We have provided you with an application that allows you to search for emails based on a range of factors. If you wish to convert your PST files after running a search, you may also utilize the utility. The program is available for download from the aforementioned URL, and you can use the demo version that it ships with to get started.