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How to Export Outlook PST Emails to Text (Plain TXT) File with Attachments ?

Admin ~ Published: 27-Feb-2020 ~ Outlook ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Want to convert Outlook PST Emails to TXT file ? Finding it difficult?

Here, are the best solution that will let you know how to convert PST to TXT format. Let’s clear it up further with one of the following user query:

How Do I Export Outlook PST to Text ?

“Hi I’m Ronald, and I want to convert all my PST files to text format. I have thousands of emails that are stored in PST mailboxes. However, now I need to export in a reliable file format such as TXT. Because it allows me to easily open TXT files on any word processing platform. Can someone let me know the best way to convert PST to TXT format? Seriously waiting for a positive response to learn how to export bulk Outlook PST emails to TXT format?”

PST to TEXT Converter Free Download Tool

Expert Solution: Outlook PST File Converter is the best possible solution to export PST email to text file. Please follow the steps below to know the easiest way to convert PST to TEXT.

download button

  • Download PST to TEXT Converter.
  • Click on the Open tab.
  • Add PST file > click folder to check the preview.
  • Hit Export Tab. Select TXT as saving format.
  • Enter the destination path.
  • Enable required filters, such as email headers.
  • Press Save button to start converting Outlook PST file into Text.

Before investing in the application, users can try this free demo version to understand the functionality of the software that converts Outlook PST to TXT.

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How to Convert PST to Text File in Bulk with Screenshots ?

  • Start PST to Text converter tool in your Windows system. It is supported all latest as well as previous Win editions.

    start pst to text converter

  • After that, click on the Open tab and Browse the PST file into the tool panel.

    choose files

  • Here, you have to choose the email folder to check the complete data preview.

    preview emails

  • Click on the Export tab. Select the Text option from the various format list.

    select text as saving option

  • Enter the destination and view received data. Finally, click the Export button to start the process of saving several emails from PST file in TXT format.

    click save to convert pst to text files

Feasible Approach to Migrate & Convert Outlook PST File to Text

The most reliable PST to TXT Converter solution allows the user to convert multiple emails from PST files to text document. It is developed with advanced algorithm to transfer Outlook PST file into text. The tool compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook. The tool retains the formatting and properties of PST items during the task. It offers a double search option to facilitate the conversion of PST files into text format in batch. The software can convert PST data together with attachments into text mailbox. Now let’s see how the reliable tool works.

Impeccable Features of PST to Text Converter Software

  • Dual Search Feature: The application has great features. Quick Search allows users to search for any particular text, words, and phrases inside the emails. Use advanced search to sort emails according to various filters, such as date, time, recipient, sender, and so on.
  • Save with Email Headers: Email headers is very main element of email messages. By using, PST to Text Converter tool, you can easily export PST email file to text format with email header.
  • Preview Email Data: PST to TXT conversion utility provides a full preview of PST file emails with attachments. The user can also check the properties and hexadecimal display of the email.
  • Independent Utility: You can easily convert several PST files to text format without installing Microsoft Outlook. The tool is autonomous and provides precise results.
  • Provides Extract Option: With the help of this application, the user can extract email addresses, attachments and phone numbers. The all-in-one program is 100% safe & secure.
  • Support All Outlook Editions: The application supported all versions of MS Outlook. You can browse PST file items to the conversion process from any version of Outlook.

Reasons to Export Outlook PST to Text

  • The text file usually corresponds to the format accepted by system terminal or simple text editor.
  • This makes it easier for users to share TXT files on another platforms.
  • Working with TXT files is very simple, and it can be saved in same folder.
  • No specific applications are needed for reading text data. Therefore, the user can easily use all word processing programs including MS Word, WordPad, Notepad, Notepad ++, etc.
  • Another factor for bulk transfer PST emails into TXT is that the converted TXT file generates smaller files.


So far, we have discussed tips for converting PST files to text format in an easy way. There is no manual solution successful to export Outlook PST to Text folder. But migration is possible with professional tool name as DotStella PST to Text converter. It is capable to perform the bulk conversion of PST file into TXT format. Therefore, you can try the free demo version to see the functional aspects of the software.