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Learn How to Open OST File without Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013

Admin ~ Published: 17-Feb-2020 ~ Outlook ~ 4 Minutes Reading
Open OST File without Exchange Server

In this post, we will resolve the query on how to open OST file in Outlook without Exchange Server. Therefore, before starting the procedure, let’s look at the reasons why you cannot open an OST file without Exchange Server.

Reasons to Open OST File Without Exchange Server

  • Sometimes, the users may want to see an orphaned .ost file that has been shared by another person without installing Outlook / Exchange Server.
  • For a forensic investigation it is necessary to export the OST file to PDF to protect the collected evidence.
  • Occasionally, the researcher needs to efficiently analyze the message headers for the OST file.

Instant Solution: The finest solution to open OST file without Exchange server is DotStella Outlook Forensics Wizard. With this software, you can access OST file data elsewhere without Exchange server environment.

download software

Free Demo: Download the free demo and learn about its functional aspects. It allow users to convert 10 OST items into different formats. Once you are satisfied, you can buy full version to import OST files to different platforms without any limitation.

How to Open OST File without Exchange Server ?

Step-1: First, download the software and run it to open OST file without Exchange Server.

start the tool to open ost file without exchange server

Step-2: Now, Choose File / Folder to load OST file and click on the Next tab. The user can select Folder option to convert unlimited OST files, otherwise, go with the Select files.

choose files or folders

Step-3: Check the complete preview of OST data items, such as different preview modes, such as Normal mail view, Hexadecimal view, Message header view, Property view, or more.

preview ost files

Step-4: Then, in the list below, select the Saving format required to open OST file without Exchange Server.

select saving option

Step-5: Select the desired destination path, apply filters as necessary, and click the Save button.

click save to open ost without exchange

By performing the above steps, users can easily open OST files in Outlook without Exchange Server or losing any data information.

Why Choose Only DotStella Software for OST ?

To open and read OST file without installing email application such as Outlook, Exchange Server can completely rely on the OST Viewer software. This freeware tool has the best features to easily open and view the OST file. In addition, it provides multiple preview modes for viewing OST data elements such as emails, contacts, calendar, etc. without Outlook and Exchange Server versions 2019, 2016, 2013 or more.

Moreover, several preview modes are reproduced to perform an in-depth analysis of OST file. Here you can explore some powerful features of tool like advanced search, print OST file, and export OST file as PDF etc. Can upgrade to OST Viewer Pro version.

  • The software provides free OST file conversion facility, user can open and convert first 10 items for each folder.
  • With the help of this utility, user can easily search inside the OST file.
  • Convert inaccessible or orphaned OST to extract mailbox data as an imported .pst file.
  • Also transfer items from large OST files without any file size restrictions.
  • The full version of the tool allows you to convert unlimited OST files in various formats.

Why Can’t you Open OST File without Exchange Account ?

Exchange Offline OST files can be inaccessible or lost for two major reasons:

Hardware Problems

  • Unavailable Space: If the disk that contains Exchange Server databases fails or contains bad sectors, the database cannot be accessed and your OST file will be lost.
  • Power Failure or Power off Server: If the Exchange server suddenly loses power or shuts down while accessing the database, the database may be corrupted. This can create orphaned OST files.
  • Failures and Controller Cards: The failure or malfunction of the Exchange Server cache controller can result in the loss of cached data, database corruption, and orphaned OST files.

Software Problems

  • Accidental Deletion: Accidental deletion of the mailbox on the Exchange server where the .ost file was created can result in loss of the .ost file.
  • Virus & Malware Attack: A virus or malware can damage and render the Exchange Server database unusable. Eventually, this makes the .ost file inaccessible and orphaned.

Observational Verdict

Often, users get annoyed for knowing how to open OST files without Exchange Server. Undoubtedly, performing OST file analysis without using Exchange Server 2019, 2016, 2013 etc. is a complicated task. Therefore, this blog has revealed a seamless, risk-free and smart solution to open or view OST files without Exchange Server.