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Make your OST file investigation simple, fast and comprehensive with Forensic OST Viewer. It is an independent tool that quickly examines and analyzes offline OST files with all the elements. The search & navigate facility provided by the program helps investigator to easily extract the evidence from OST files. The tool provides a preview of OST file content, header, properties, metadata and more in multiple mode.

  • Examine & collect forensics details from OST with attachments.
  • Monitor bulk offline OST files into multiple Preview Modes.
  • Analyze OST file with all elements such as header, attachment, etc.
  • Support to investigate offline OST files from all Outlook versions.
  • Extract information from OST files with Advance & Quick search.
  • Use the Compact View feature to hide system folders during the process.
  • Open & Save all attachments from OST files like image, link, etc.
  • Compatible with all the available versions of the Windows OS.

Why Choose Outlook OST Forensics Software ?

Dramatically reduce the time and effort to analyze OST files with the best OST file examiner tool. It is designed to help investigators examine all the information within OST files. It comes with outstanding features that provide the best user experience. One can analyze the details from offline Forensics files using the Search Mode. Use a simple preview mode to quickly scan OST files with all attributes.

Interesting Features of OST File Forensics Tool

Extract Evidence from OST File

Perform a straightforward analysis of offline OST files to extract crucial information with the Outlook OST forensics tool. The software provides detailed information from OST files like email headers, properties, attachments, signature and more. The utility examines and analyzes OST files to carve out the required information for investigation.

Examine & Analyze Bulk OST Files

The OST file forensics tool is an expert in analyzing data with attachments. Examiners can access the complete view of the OST file for taking an overview of the offline storage and start a further investigation. While conducting an OST file examination, the investigator can conduct deep-analysis of offline OST files with attachment and other components.

Scan Offline OST Files in Batch

The OST viewer forensics is a powerful utility designed to open, read and view OST files without external application. Investigators can reduce their efforts and time in examining OST files with attachments. The tool is capable of opening multiple offline OST files with headers, analyzing it them with complete accuracy and providing 100% results.

OST Forensics in Multiple Preview Mode

The OST file examiner is an advance solution to investigate the evidence from OST files with attachments. The tool provides multiple preview modes like Normal View, Properties View and Hex View for deep analysis of offline OST files. It gives instant results after the OST file forensics. The multiple preview mode narrows the investigation and saves efforts.

Quick & Advance Search Option

The utility provides the Quick and Advance Search option to analyze OST files with attachments. Investigators will get the complete forensic analysis of offline OST files. The Quick Search helps users to perform a deep examination of the OST content. The Advance search allows investigators to sort OST file data by multiple filters.

Enable Compact View to Hide Folders

The OST forensics viewer provides the best user-experience during the investigation of an OST file with all components. It provides an advanced option known as the Compact view located at the bottom of the software panel. This shows only required OST folders for the investigation process. The tool does n’t not alter any of the information and performs a detailed analysis.

Investigate OST File with Attachments

Both emails and attachments are equally important when it comes to investigating the offline data. The OST file forensics software analyzes OST file attachments to extract the evidence. Even the software allows investigators to open and save all attachments from OST files for the analysis process. It helps to carve out the crucial information from offline Outlook files.

Compatible with Windows Editions

The Outlook OST forensics is developed only for Windows platform. It supports all the editions of MS Windows including the latest version. The program is easy-to-use, simple, quick and provides complete results without investigation. It is the best forensics program to analyze OST files with attachments and other respective components.

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Software Specifications of OST Email Header Forensics
image banner of forensics OST viewer software
System Requirements

Pentium Class or higher

Operating System
Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7

512 MB Minimum (1 GB recommended)

Hard Disk
100 MB of free space

Software Delivery


Interface Available

Language Supported

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FAQs on OST File Analysis
How to examine OST file using the OST forensics tool ?

Follow the steps to analyze OST files with attachments.

  • Step 1: Start the OST file forensics program on Windows machine.
  • Step 2: Click the Open With and select Outlook data files the OST.
  • Step 3: Check the folder containing your required offline OST files.
  • Step 4: Click the OST email to check preview in different modes.
  • Step 5: Go to Search icon on the top of the preview window and find details.
  • Step 6: Click the Advance search to sort emails by different filters.

The tool has no limitations and analyzes multiple OST files with attachments.

Yes, the OST viewer forensics tool preserves the integrity of data during the process.

Yes, the program is an independent application and works without any external installation.

No, the application to analyze OST file is designed for Windows OS and does not support Mac OS.