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How to Open, View & Read Google Takeout Files on Android Using Google Takeout Archive Viewer ?

Admin ~ Published: 31-Jul-2020 ~ Freeware ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Do you want to open Google Takeout files on Android? Do you have no idea how to do it? Don’t worry; we are fully dedicated to solving your problem. Google Takeout Viewer for Android can be the solution to your problem. So, follow us to learn more about this possible solution.

Read the Customer’ Query

“Hey, I had few emails that I wished to archive and delete from Gmail profile. I used Google Takeout viewer for android to do the same and I received a link for 50 MB file size. I was on my Samsung phone and clicked on the download archive button. Unfortunately, nothing happened. I didn’t receive any file downloaded on my Android device. Can you please tell me that how can I open Google takeout files on Android?”

“Hi, I just downloaded my Google takeout files. Now I have the problem that all the data is saved in a zip format and I have no idea what to do with it. So can you help me find a suitable method to open Google takeout zip file?”

See these kinds of tasks are very common these days. People from different corners of the world ask – how to open Google takeout files on Android / iPhone. They are unable to open Google Takeout zip file and hence, as a result unable to view backed up data of Gmail.

Therefore, in order to help computer users who are suffering from such sort of problem and want to read Google takeout files, we are here with today’s post. You can refer the instructions provided in this post and we ensure you that nothing will be difficult for you to accomplish.

On your PC / laptop, freely download Gmail emails (or other items) that you want to read in Android / iPhone device, via Google Takeout. Once the downloading of archive file gets finished implement the method that we are going to suggest you in next section.

How to Open Google Takeout Files on Android?

  • Launch Google Takeout to PDF converter on your computer.
  • Browse the MBOX files that you received from G Takeout.
  • Preview items and then, click on Export. Now choose PDF.
  • Click on Save to archive Google Takeout emails to .pdf.
  • Connect Android device with PC and transfer output PDF in it.

Open Google Takeout zip File on iPhone / Android – Detailed Guide

In order to read Google Takeout zip files on Android, it is essential to convert MBOX to PDF first. The .mbox files are received as resultant files of G Takeout utility and, these need to be printed in portable document format. So, use Google takeout viewer that import Google Takeout files to .pdf.

Below listed are the steps of a brilliant and easy-to-use program to convert Google Takeout emails, address book, etc., to PDF. The screenshot with each steps shows that the solution has been tested and then only, recommended here.

Step-by-step Guide to Read Google Takeout Files

  • Download the setup file of MBOX File Viewer on your system. Now, carefully install this recently downloaded EXE file on PC.

download software

  • Launch the Google takeout viewer utility to begin with the procedure to open Google Takeout files on Android / iPhone.
  • Click on Open Google takeout Files >> Choose Folder to quickly browse bulk amount of files of G Takeout in one attempt.

How to Open Google Takeout Files on Android

Note: If you select the Google files takeout option, you can choose either your takeout zip file or MBOX files

  • Locate towards the location where Google Takeout folder has been saved on your computer. Click on it and then, hit on Select Folder.

browse the mbox data

  • It’s time to preview the extracted items of MBOX files, before proceeding further. You can view emails with attachments and associated properties.

How to Open Google Takeout archive

  • Resolve the problem on how to open Google Takeout files on iPhone, by clicking on Export >> PDF option.

choose pdf saving option

  • Select only those email folders whose items you want to print in .pdf file and wish to see in Android device.
  • Click on Browse button to define the location for saving resultant PDF files on your PC. Finally, hit on Save to initiate the procedure.

sucfully open, view, & read google takeout data

When Google takeout zip file Viewer for android is done with conversion procedure, it throws a process completion statement. Now, users simply have to connect their phone with PC and transfer all the converted PDFs in it.

Email properties like email addresses, Date & time, header attributes, etc., all will be kept untouched throughout. There will be no loss of data when officials will use this particular approach to open Google Takeout files on Android.

So, these are the entire steps associated with the Google Takeout Viewer for Android, which seems very convenient for you.

Some Additional Information about Google Takeout Zip File Viewer for Android

The technique recommended in today’s post is unique and acceptable by professionals from worldwide. The main reason behind its popularity is easy-to-use interface of the program. There is no requirement of acquiring any technical training to access the exporter or read Google takeout files and hence, effortless for customers to operate the app. Following highlighted are the features of the solution on how to open Google Takeout files on Android :

  • Google Takeout Viewer comes with one of the simplest interface you can ever work on.
  • Renders an option to quickly browse complete Google Takeout folder in one attempt.
  • No limitation on amount of mailboxes to be converted or processed simultaneously.
  • Read Google takeout files associated emails under several modes like Normal, Header Properties, and Hex View.
  • You can export emails with attachments smoothly without a single change in file format.
  • Resultant PDF file is accessible on tablets, iPhone, Android smartphones, laptops, etc.

Observational Verdict

How to Open Google Takeout files on Android? Now answer to this sort of question can be given without any stress. Officials can try the product (Google takeout Viewer for android) for free by referring the demo version to easily read Google takeout files and also to convert them. They can test or examine the functionality of product by using this edition. When purchased the license version you can import Google Takeout to iCloud and other platforms as well. We hope we served you at our best and in case you have any doubt, feel free to contact us.