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How to Migrate MDaemon to Office 365 with Complete Safety?

Admin ~ Published: 31-May-2023 ~ Migration ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Cloud-based Microsoft 365 service has more than 230 million of users as per a report published by Microsoft. The massive figures itself states the huge popularity and demand of O365 services for businesses and startup. When somebody switching their data from existing account to Office 365, they may face certain challenges. This guide talks about how to migrate MDaemon to Office 365.

This helpful blog post talks all about MDaemon to Office migration and covers topics like:

  1. Need to Switch from MDaemon to O365 account.
  2. Various method for MDaemon migration to MS 365
  3. Automated MDaemon to Office 365 migration tool
  4. Free trial and step-by-step guide.
  5. Conclusion

So, stay tune to know one of the best ways you can transfer mailboxes from MDaemon mail server to Office 365 account.

Why We Need to Transfer Data from MDaemon to Outlook 365 App?

MDaemon is a mail server that serving the needs of data management for more than 20 years. It holds data from emails, contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, to public folder, and more. MDaemon webmail service has many great capabilities from simplifying messaging and collaboration to intuitive interface.

However, with time user may face challenges with the application and result in switching from MDaemon to other service like MS Office 365.

The DotStella customer support received quite a some user queries for MDaemon to Office 365 migration. Let us share the scenario with all of you followed by the best solution to migrate MDaemon to Office 365 successfully.

Scenario 1 : It’s been five years that I using MDaemon webmail service. My Inbox mailbox has files of heavy sizes and maintaining them in the MDaemon webmail is getting a bit annoying. Moreover, from quite a sometime, I am planning to switch data from MDaemon to newly purchased licensed edition of Office 365. Now, I ask professional to assist me with a complete process to migrate mailboxes from MDaemon to Office 365 straightforwardly.

The above scenario and the demand of solution for MDaemon migration to Office 365 is creating great buzz. Now, without wasting time, let’s talk about a stellar solution to migrating MDaemon mailbox to Office 365.

Popular Solution to Migrate MDaemon to Office 365

Let’s clear you one thing, if you looking for a manual solution to transfer MDaemon folders to Office 365 mailbox, you may end up finding nothing. Moreover, MDaemon also doesn’t provide any method to migrate mailboxes into O365. Now, comes the question which is the right solution to migrate MDaemon emails to Office 365 ?

The reliable and complete solution for migrating multiple MDaemon mailboxes to Office 365 is Dotstella MDaemon migration tool. It is professional software that can easily migrate all MDaemon mailboxes to Microsoft 365 directly with information maintained.

The utility has many outstanding features for the users such as preview mode, batch migration of MDaemon data in Office 365 with all properties and attachments, simplified interface, and more.

One of the major highlight of the software is it is an ideal solution for forensic investigator to analyze and examine MDaemon files, folders, mailboxes without any external installation or configuration.

If you use the best MDaemon to Office 365 Migrator, the process of migrating database from MDaemon to Microsoft 365 is the simplest and quickest.

Checkout the complete working and step-by-step instruction of MDaemon to Office 365 migration tool.

Top-most Method for Migrating MDaemon Mailboxes to Office 365 Directly

  • To start the safe migration from MDaemon mailboxes to Microsoft 365, download the recommended professional software on your system.download software
  • Go to Open tab. The software provides dual modes to browse MDaemon data from your system, select Choose File or Choose Folder as per the need.click choose files or choose folders
  • Now, user need to mark the checkbox of selected MDaemon folder. The software is capable to migrate single and multiple folders at once.browse folders
  • Tap on the MDaemon email to get the complete view in the standard preview mode. The utility gives many modes such as Hex view, raw message, and more for user ease.preview mdaemon emails
  • Now, go to Export tab and select Office 365 from email services section and then fill the details like Backup folder name, email address, and password.select office 365 saving option

Lastly, tap on the Save button and analyze the full migration live in the software panel.

The Afterwards Method

When MDaemon to Office 365 migration completed, the software provides a message of completion followed by a log.txt report. Finally, sign in your Office 365 account and get the MDaemon mailboxes in MS 365 account.

That’s it.

5 Surprising Reason Why Automated MDaemon to Office 365 Migrator is best for you

The MDaemon to Office 365 migration tool has many advantages for business and personal users. Checkout the full list below:

  • Bulk MDaemon to MS 365 migration: The software is capable to migrate bulk mailboxes from MDaemon to Office 365 with complete properties.
  • Preview Windows: It is one of the distinct solutions of software that allows user to get the full preview of MDaemon data with all information.
  • Search Modes: As mentioned, the software is a great fit for forensic investigator, they can use Quick Search to find words in MDaemon emails and Advance Search for quality analyses of data.
  • 100% Safe and Efficient: The MDaemon to Office 365 transfer tool is free from any type of error and efficient for both technical and non-technical users.
  • Free trial and 24*7 customer support: User can test the demo version of the software to migrate first 25 emails from MDaemon to Office 365 using free trial. When satisfied, buy the pro edition. Also, the user will get customer support at anytime.

The Conclusion

Want to professional and 100% secure solution to migrate MDaemon to Office 365? If yes, the above guide highlight the ultimate method to transfer emails from MDaemon to MS 365 step-by-step procedure.

The user can also take a trial of the recommended solution mentioned in the post. In case of queries, please connect to DotStella support.