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Migrate MDaemon to Exchange Online With Or Without Account Configuration

Admin ~ Modified: 27-May-2022 ~ Migration ~ 5 Minutes Reading

Do you wish to migrate MDaemon to Exchange online for improved data management, connectivity, and access? Do you require a solution that will make such a move as simple as possible? If that’s the case, we can assist you.

“Hello, I’m presently emailing using the MDaemon email client. However, for some reason, I’d like to migrate it to an Exchange server. However, there is no straight remedy available for it, as I have already conducted extensive research on the subject. Therefore, could you assist me in identifying a viable method to migrate MDaemon to Exchange online?”                                                                                                                                                     Sara William

Well, Exchange server enables more connectivity and accessibility of data across your organisation, which the MDaemon email client cannot. On the other hand, it provides access to messaging, contact management, and calendaring services.

Thus, you may take advantage of all of these Exchange server benefits by utilising the same MDaemon data. As a result, we offer you one of the greatest solutions. Therefore, please read it thoroughly and use it to do your assignment as smoothly as possible.

MDaemon to Exchange Migration Tool: A Smart Data Migration Approach

MDaemon Email Migration Tool is a solution that satisfies the requirements of all users who wish to migrate MDaemon to Exchange. It’s an all-in-one application that attempts to simplify your data migration. It is dependable, efficient, and capable of moving all account data in a matter of moments.

Additionally, the tool’s biggest feature is that it allows you to select the MDaemon account to migrate and, if you’re not already setup with the account, you can also manually select the files. As a result, you may be confident that MDaemon can be migrated with or without configuration.

Therefore, allow us to demonstrate how to select an account or files in the tool and migrate them. As a result, we explain the entire process to you; you then go through it thoroughly and discover each phase involved with it.

Detailed Manual to Migrate MDaemon to Exchange Server

  • Use the link below to download MDaemon to Exchange Migration Tool for your Windows-based device. After that, accept the agreement and install it.

download button

  • To migrate MDaemon emails to Exchange online, launch the programme.

launch mdaemon to exchange migration tool

  • Now select either MDaemon configured account or Select files from the open tab.

click open to select options

  • In order to manually choose the data, we use the Choose Folder.


  • Browse through all of the MDaemon data and upload it into the tool by clicking the “Select Folder” button.

browse folders

  • The left pane of the programme now shows that all of your MDaemon data has been uploaded.

loaded mdaemon data

  • To preview the emails linked with the files, click on them.

preview mdaemon emails

  • After you’ve finished checking your emails, go to the Export tab and select IMAP from the drop-down option.

click export select imap

  • Check the files to see if they are suitable for migration.

check mdaemon files

  • Enable the many available options to improve the quality of your output.

include email headers

  • Enter the information for your Exchange server, as well as the name and port number for your IMAP server.

enter exchange server details

  • Finally, press the Save.

click save to migrate mdaemon to exchange

You’ve completed your work with this step.

So, after we’ve gone over the procedure, the next thing we’ll go over is the tool’s functionality. You can see why this MDaemon to Exchange migration tool is the best for you by looking at these. So, let’s get started.

Why Use the MDaemon File to Exchange Migration Tool?

  • It features the simplest UI, which means even a non-technical user may use it effortlessly.
  • MDaemon to Exchange migration tool is useful even without MDaemon configuration.
  • Additionally, it enables you to manually choose MDaemon file & folder as per your need.
  • Migrate MDaemon to Exchange in batches with perfect integrity preservation of the data.
  • Migrate MDaemon in its entirety, including all the attachments, contacts, and calendars.
  • You can preview all of your MDaemon associated emails in both hex and raw mode.
  • You can include the email header in the tool to validate the whole email path.
  • If necessary, you can rename your backup directories to facilitate subsequent navigation.

Note: Keep in mind that the capabilities mentioned here is just a sampling of the many available, as their objective is to provide you with a thorough overview of the MDaemon to Exchange Migration tool. Therefore, if you like to learn more about them, we recommend that you meet them in person.

In Conclusion

The MDaemon to Exchange Migration tool enables you to migrate MDaemon to Exchange online. These tools are the sole means to complete the assignment in the absence of a manual solution. As a result, you should use our recommended MDaemon file to Exchange migration tool to complete your operation as quickly as possible. You can download the free version for limited conversion. After satisfyting you may upgrate to its license version to also convert MDaemon to PST and other alternatives as well.