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How to Merge Multiple HTML Files into One PDF?

Admin ~ Published: 03-Jan-2023 ~ Merge Files ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Although combining HTML pages into PDF is challenging, it can be simplified if you have the correct tool. Thus, the purpose of this post is to give you the most straightforward way to merge HTML files into PDF. To gather all you need to make the merging process easier for you, you must start looking for the information in this article last.

The Best Way to Merge HTML Files into PDF

The DotStella Document File Joiner is a well-known and secure tool to merge HTML files to PDF. This application is highly specialized in its function and requires very minimal interference from you. It is simple to use and may be used on any device that runs the Windows operating system. This application is efficient and requires only a few steps to be completed in order to combine HTML files into one PDF. To become acquainted with them, you must complete the processes outlined below.

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Step-by-Step Instructions for Merging HTML Files into Single PDF

  • Download the HTML to PDF file merger tool first onto your computer. Start installing it after agreeing to some standard terms and conditions. Launch it at last to combine HTML files into one PDF.download html to pdf merger tool
  • After launching the software, click the Open tab in the menu bar, and then choose HTML Files.select html files
  • You must now begin navigating through all of the HTML files you want to combine into PDFs. After that, upload each one to the tool to combine multiple HTML files into one PDF.browse html files
  • You can view a preview of each HTML file once they are all visible in the app.preview html files
  • Select PDF as your preferred export format by clicking the Export tab.select pdf as saving option
  • To navigate and choose the desired location for the generated files, click the browse option. Then, in order to merge HTML files, press the Saveclick save to merge html files into pdf

Therefore, using the tool, you can merge HTML files into PDF in the manner described above. Now, you can read the part below if you’re interested in learning more about the tool.

Find Some Traits of the HTML to PDF Merger Tool

  • Simple to Use: You won’t have any problems using the tool, even if you’re a first-time user. For the ease of the user, it has the simplest interface possible. You won’t experience any issues using the application to combine multiple HTML files into one PDF.
  • Saving Time: The application is most useful when you have an unlimited number of HTML files to merge. When it comes to merging HTML files into PDF in mass, the program has no limitations.
  • Viewing Tool: The application used to combine multiple HTML files into one PDF also functions as an HTML Viewer Tool. It allows you to thoroughly review HTML files before converting them to PDF format.
  • Completely Safe: Using the tool is completely safe. It will not cause any harm to your data while it is being combined. It assures that nothing is lost by preserving the original data structure.
  • All-in-One Tool: You may think of this tool as being an all-in-one application. It can be used to combine Text files into one, combine DOC files into one, and combine Word files into one in addition to combining HTML files into PDF. It is an all-inclusive solution for document merger that can join various document file kinds.


Now that you know how to do it, you may quickly merge HTML files into PDF. The HTML to PDF file merger tool is an effective and simple-to-use program with a straightforward user interface. It is a completely secure app that ensures you get the desired outcome. The tool is available for download from the aforementioned link, and you can use it for free at first.