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Import MBOX to Hotmail Account Using a Smart Approach?

Admin ~ Published: 29-Oct-2021 ~ Import ~ 5 Minutes Reading

If you have a Hotmail account, you can actually use it to accomplish something of value. Yes, you can use this account to keep your MBOX files so that you can better manage and access them. So if you are also the one who needs better security and accessibility of your data, we will help you import MBOX to Hotmail in the easiest way.

Well, keeping MBOX files individually without having a supported account on the device is known to be a problem. As you can neither open them nor can it provide added security. So here a cloud-based account like Hotmail can help more professionally. Look how.

How Can Hotmail Assist You With Your MBOX Files?

  • Importing MBOX into Hotmail will make it easier for you to check them. See, you cannot open MBOX files easily as they either require the required software or an email client. However, saving them to Hotmail will solve this problem as it will become the medium.
  • You can better manage and protect your data. Well, if you keep .mbox on the drive and if it crashes you could lose everything, but that’s not the case with the Hotmail account as all data is stored on a cloud server.
  • Flexibility and mobility to check your MBOX files. You can access the Hotmail account from any device or location so that you can access your data. However, if you want to keep it on a local drive, you’ll need to link it to it every time you want to preview the MBOX.

See all of these benefits and one account that is Hotmail. Now see how valuable this account is to you right now.

Thus, to use this account to save your data and to enjoy all of these advantages, we provide you with the right method to import MBOX to Hotmail. So, see what that method is and how it achieves your aim.

MBOX to Hotmail Import Tool: An Ultimate Way to Transfer Data

The method by which you can get your task done in a few moments and in simple steps is through The MBOX file converter. This software can transfer any number of your MBOX files directly into Hotmail using the IMAP settings. This MBOX to Hotmail Import Tool supports all MBOX files regardless of the account they were extracted from and aims to import them as per your needs. In addition, it can import MBOX with the attachments and other properties in bulk into Hotmail.

download button

Now that you know the method, we need to tell you how to use this method to import MBOX to Hotmail. To do this, we will explain the whole process to you and suggest that you go through it so that by the time you complete the task you already know what to do next.

Complete Manual on How to Import MBOX to Hotmail Account

  • Download MBOX to Hotmail Import Tool by hitting on the link above. Install it by following to the given order. Then launch it to import MBOX folders to Hotmail.download mbox to hotmail import tool
  • Click on Open tab, then on Email Data File in the drop-down list. Then click MBOX as required and then select either Choose Files or Choose Folders.choose mbox files or folders option
  • Navigate through the MBOX that you want to import into Hotmail account and load them to the software.browse mbox files
  • You will then see that all of the .mbox files you selected have now been loaded in the left pane of the tool. Now you can preview all the emails on your MBOX files if you need to.preview mbox files
  • Now click on Export tab and then on IMAP from the drop-down list.select saving option
  • Provide your Hotmail email address and password, also provide the IMAP server name and port number, and finally hit the Save button.click save to import mbox to hotmail

Your task is now complete.

Now let’s learn more about the MBOX converter tool. We would now like to offer you its properties which are advantageous for you. So please go through it and have deeper look at the tool.

Check out Some Features of MBOX Files Importer

  • Import MBOX to Hotmail in batch with all of the attachments and other properties.
  • Gives you a preview of all your MBOX emails and their attachments with one click.
  • Valuable to forensic scientists as it provides headers, hex and raw views of emails.
  • The search function enables you to find specific email or attachment from specific address.
  • Contains the email header of all of your messages before they are imported into Hotmail.
  • It supports all MBOX files, so it doesn’t matter which account they were extracted from.
  • It is 100% secured and also maintains the integrity of all of your MBOX files properties

In Conclusion

You can now use your Hotmail account to keep your MBOX files; all you have to do is export them. Hence, we have brought you the best tool to import MBOX to Hotmail. The proposed software is very effective and efficient and will give you the opportunity to get the job done in no time. It offers you a demo version that has the capacity to import MBOX files to Hotmail as well as to Gmail, Yahoo, iCloud etc. to a certain degree. So if you have an amazing experience, give MBOX to Hotmail Import Tool a try.