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eM Client to PDF Conversion Software – Print Multiple eM Client Emails as PDF

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Do you wish to show some crucial emails of eM Client as evidences in court? And this is the reason due to which you wish to convert those emails in legal document format….

Well, here are we with solution to a common problem i.e., how to export eM Client to PDF? The blog provides two ways to bulk convert emails from eM client to PDF format – Professional Method and Manual method. Also with help of our recommended professional approach, it will be possible to fix below-listed issues of investigators and officials :

  • How to convert eM Client emails with attachments in PDF?
  • Can I open and print eM Client emails without eM Client?
  • How do I print few messages of eM Client in Adobe PDF?
  • How do I share eM Client messages on WhatsApp group?
  • Can I view mailboxes of eM Client on Windows 10?

How to Export eM Client to PDF File Format ?

Read and implement the below-listed guidelines to convert eM Client to PDF

  • Run eM Client to PDF converter on your system and click on Open.
  • From the menu, select eM Client Accounts >> Choose Folder.
  • Browse the orphaned folder having eM Client items in the software.
  • Preview items before the eM Client to PDF conversion & hit Export.
  • Finally, select PDF option and then, click on the Save button.

Save eM Client Data File to PDF – Professional Way

First of all, we are going to suggest you a standard way to print eM Client emails in PDF format. The solution calls for an app named as ‘eM Client to PDF Converter’. It is a Windows-based program that is purposely designed for forensics investigators to print bulk eM Client messages in legal document format. No requirement of eM Client installation is there to use this program.

The product keeps the email integrity intact and maintains the header properties, meta data intact throughout the procedure. Nothing is going to be damaged or harmed while using this approach to export eM Client to PDF. Without any stress, investigators can use this technique to save their evidences, collected from eM Client folder, in legal document format. Following steps will tell you that how easy it is to convert eM client messages to PDF format :

Step-1: Download the setup file of eM Client to PDF converter and install it.
download buttonStep-2: The program and then, proceed further by clicking on Open.

click open tab

Step-3: Click on eM Client Accounts >> Open eM Client Configured Accounts to continue.

select em client configured account

Step-4: The tool will now sync all the eM Client associated data to the left pane

loaded em client data

Step-5: Now you can preview mailboxes of eM Client, before proceedings.

preview em client emails

Highlights of Tool –  Use Advance & Quick Mode to search in-depth of PDF file.

search for emails

Step-6: Click on Export >> PDF to export eM Client to PDF file format.

select pdf saving option

Step-7: Define the location where you wish to save resultant PDFs & hit on Save button.

All those things that are required by forensics investigators to open and analyze eM Client items, are available in this all-in-one professional method. This solution saves emails along with attachments (if present) in PDF format.

Important Note– This solution provides an option – Choose files or folders. It is useful for those customers who wish to convert eM Client emails manually without using an account. The software enables you to manually select mailboxes from the device and then allows to convert them collectively in PDF format.

Now lets see that how you can save eM Client messages if its native application is installed on PC? Also, we’ll find that whether its safe to use this approach or not…

Migrate & Export eM Client to Adobe PDF – Manual Method

It is compulsory to have eM Client application installed and properly configured on your system. Before we proceed further, we want to WARN you that there is no guarantee of data integrity in this approach. So, if you implement this method, be at your own risk because chances of data breaches are high in it. Nevertheless, lets begins with the steps that enables users to save eM Client to PDF format.

  1. Open source eM Client program on your machine and click on source item.
  2. Select an email message, which you wish to save in PDF & right-click on it.
  3. Click on Print option and then, select ‘Microsoft Print to PDF’ in Printer field.
  4. Finally, click on Save As PDF button to begin eM Client to PDF conversion.
  5. Repeat step (2) to (4) for all emails that you wish to print in Adobe PDF format.

Its Your Time to Take Decision

We have described the possible ways to export eM Client to PDF. Readers have to decide – whether they want to use eM Client to PDF Converter to complete the process effortlessly or put their data on risk by using the manual technique. We also want to mention that many experts and forensics investigators have employed the expert technique. They praised this solution a lot and titled it as the best method to print eM Client emails to PDF.