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How to Convert TIFF File to PSD With Layers?

Admin ~ Published: 11-May-2022 ~ Convert Data ~ 4 Minutes Reading

Summary: If you want to convert TIFF file to PSD file without using any alternative methods, this article will be extremely useful to you. Here’s how to convert .tiff files to PSD files step by step with screenshots. So read everything thoroughly and perform your work right away.

TIFF files are also known as TIFs. They’re bigger than GIFs or JPEGs, so they’re not ideal for usage on the Internet; they’re better for use in document. They are also utilised to save photographs taken with digital cameras. Web designers choose PSD images for creating website mockups since these are the default files for Photoshop. They have several layers and may be used in bitmap or grayscale modes.

However, there is no manual method available to convert TIFF to PSD with layers. This will necessitate the usage of standalone or offline software to convert a TIFF picture to PSD format. Consequently, we came up with the same compatible solution. So, investigate it.

A Suitable Solution to Convert TIFF File to PSD

DotStella’ image file converter is available when there is no manual way to complete your task. This method is meant to automatically convert your picture files to your desired platform. This tool enables a straightforward TIFF to PSD conversion. It is trustworthy and protects the quality of all your images. In addition, it is highly effective and capable of achieving your objective in a few steps.

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Complete Steps to Convert TIFF to PSD with Layers

  • Download the TIFF to PSD Converter on your Windows compatible PC. Install and launch it to batch convert TIFF file to PSD.download tiff to psd converter
  • After starting the TIFF to PST Converter, go to the Open tab and choose TIFF and click either Choose files or folders option.select tiff files or folders
  • Once all the TIFF files that you selected have been uploaded into the tool to convert TIFF to PSD with layers; you may preview them.view tiff images
  • Now, you must click the Export tab and selecting the PSD option for saving.select psd as saving option
  • Select the appropriate location for storing the produced files and hit the Save button to convert TIFF image to PSD.click save to convert tiff to psd

Well, you should know that we are providing you with this application not only because it can convert TIFF to PSD with layers in a few steps, but also for a variety of other reasons. Yes, the tool gives you a number of benefits, which we would be pleased to outline for you. Therefore, they get to learn more about the instrument.

Discover Some Traits of the TIFF to PSD Converter

  • This software features a basic user interface, so finishing the work will be a breeze.
  • This tool bulk converts TIFF to PSD in without requiring you to choose a few files at once.
  • It displays a preview of all TIFF files so you can see all the images before converting them.
  • It also allows you to explore the location so that you may pick where your files will be saved.
  • This is totally self-contained and does not require any additional settings to be downloaded.
  • It may run on any version of Windows, including Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 8, and earlier versions.


Can this software convert 30 TIFF files simultaneously, or should I convert them individually?

The utility is entirely effective and allows you to convert numerous TIFF files for folders simultaneously and without constraints.

Can I use this application on my Mac in addition to my Windows computer?

Unfortunately, Mac devices are not currently compatible with this tool. However, you may use it to convert TIFF file to PSD on any Windows device.

Will the quality of the TIFF images be compromised if I use the tool to convert them?

No, the tool to convert TIFF to PSD with layers is fully protected and seeks to preserve data integrity. During conversion, the quality of your TIFF images will not be affected.


Convert TIFF file to PSD with layers in three simple steps. We’ve provided you with a straightforward method for completing your work. The TIFF to PSD converter is a comprehensive solution that provides several benefits. It’s simple to use and comes with a free version. Try its demo edition to convert TIFF image to PSD and also to other saving options like PDF, WEBP, EPS, AI and more. So, go ahead and download the software for free and begin converting your files.