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How to Batch Convert PDF to Word Document Files ?

Admin ~ Published: 24-Aug-2021 ~ Convert Data ~ 6 Minutes Reading

Are you having problems with the PDF file? Are you looking for a replacement for a PDF to maintain your data? Well, you can try Word file. We assume that any situation you may have with the PDF can be resolved with such a replacement. So, if you find this suggestion best, let us help you convert PDF to Word.

PDF is one of the best platforms to store the important data in, but there are some issues with it such as: you cannot make changes to them and they cannot be easily edited. So if you want to add some data or additional information between the contents, you cannot do that. But if you used the Word file to hold the data, you wouldn’t have such a problem.

However, it’s not too late; you can still fix the problems. You can convert PDF to Word. Yes, it is possible; the only thing you need is a reliable solution. But you don’t have to find this solution for you; we already have it for you.

Most Reliable Solution to Convert PDF to Word

The solution that enables you to do such a difficult task is  PDF Converter. This app is perfect and suitable for you as it can easily convert PDF to Word editable file so you can always add extra and important information. Which was not possible with the PDF format.

One of the best things about this tool is that it can convert PDF to Word without losing formatting. Yes, this app is very reliable and you don’t have to worry about formatting. On the other hand, the quality that can impress you very much is that all of this tricky task can be done with just a few steps.

Yes, there isn’t a big and hectic process to convert a PDF to a DOC file. All you have to do is take a few steps following few tabs and clicks. So, you need to take a look at the process first so that you can finally become fully familiar with it.

Step-by-step Process to Quickly Convert PDF to DOC File

  • First of all, Download the PDF to DOC Converter to the device you have your PDF files on


  • Now install the PDF to DOC Converter by accepting to a very general agreement. Once the setup is completed, run the tool
  • Now you need to click Open tab and then click Desktop Files to select PDF Files
  • Select PDF Files from the saved location and prepare to load them into the tool. Once all the files have been appeared in the left pane, you need to click them to select.
  • Now click on Export and then click on the Word Files in the drop-down list
  • Click the Browse button to specify the appropriate destination for the resulting data and finally click the Convert

Once you hit the Convert button, the tool will start converting PDF to Word DOCX. The whole conversion only takes a few moments and as soon as the conversion is finished, the tool will inform you about it.

See how convenient the process is. There are only two tabs that you need to go through to convert PDF to Word editable file. Now you need to know other things about the tool, which will make your task more convenient.

Checkout Some Qualities of the PDF to Word Converter

  • It can convert PDF to Word DOCX in bulk without you having to select a few files.
  • This converter will convert the full data whether there is email, contacts and anything else
  • It can easily create a single or separate Word file from many of your PDF files.
  • You can also preview all PDF files in the tool to see what kind of information they contain.
  • You can browse the location to choose the preferred location for your Word files.
  • It can convert PDF to Word without losing formatting, which means that the integrity of the data is preserved.

These are some of the features we provided as an overview. We hope these feature will help you get an idea of the capabilities of the tool. However, if you want to know more, we suggest that you run it.

Now we put here some of the questions about this tool that were previously raised by some of the users. So if you also have any queries in mind, you can solve them right now if faced with the question similar to yours.


Can I use this tool on my Windows 8.1 version?

Yes, the PDF to DOC Converter is compatible with every version of Windows. It doesn’t matter which edition you are using Win 10 and any of the lower editions.

Can I convert many PDF files at the same time, or do I have to convert one file at a time?

No, this application is that efficient and can easily convert PDF to Word editable file. You don’t have to convert one file at a time; you can convert all of your files in a single operation.

Can I try PDF to DOC Converter first before I buy it?

Yes, this tool comes with a trial version that allows you to convert PDF to Word DOCX to some extent. So you can check the process and quality and after getting satisfied you can purchase the license key.

Do I need to configure other settings to fully convert PDF to MS Office Word?

No, this app is completely self-contained and does not ask you to download settings in order to configure with. This app is enough to manage the whole task.

In Conclusion

If you are having trouble editing the data in the PDF file, don’t worry, this problem can be solved by converting it to Word. To that end, PDF to DOC Converter is perfect as it can convert PDF to Word editable file easily. It gives you an easy journey and tons of great features to make your experience even better. The tool also enables you to convert PDF to Text and other files as well once you buy its license version. Therefore, we can only recommend you try this tool to make this task possible.