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Convert JPG to TIFF in Bulk on Windows 10 and Previous Versions

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What’s inside: This article contains the best and most effective method to convert JPG to TIFF file. So, if you’re looking for anything comparable, it’s worth checking out the web page.

TIFFs are often lossless or uncompressed images. Because of this, the photographs are of a very high quality, which results in quite huge file sizes.

Why to Convert JPG into TIFF Format?

  • Whenever submitting professional photography or high-resolution images to a printing business, turning JPG files to TIFF is required to retain high-quality picture.
  • TIFF is a flexible lossless raster graphics file compression standard that is ideal for converting digital information to a tangible form.
  • TIFF is also compatible by practically all image-editing tool and Adobe systems.

Note: Converting a JPEG to a TIFF does not result in lossless picture quality. Any file deterioration will be transferred over to the TIFF; it will only stop losing data as you modify and save it.

The Best Way to Convert JPG to TIFF Without Losing Quality

DotStella Image Converter is a highly efficient and trustworthy method to convert JPG image to TIFF format. The software is solely devoted to converting picture files into alternate formats. It is a Windows-compatible JPG to TIFF converter that supports all versions of the OS. It simplifies the JPG file to TIFF conversion process by providing only a few straightforward steps. Examine these methods to comprehend how the gadget accomplishes your objective.

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How to Convert JPG File to TIFF? Software’s Working Process

  • To get the JPG file to TIFF Converter for your Windows PC, click the link above. Install it and start it up to convert JPG to TIFF Windows 10.download jpg to tiff converter
  • After starting the tool to convert JPG to TIFF without losing quality, go to the Open tab and pick JPG using the Choose files or Choose folders.choose jpg files or folders
  • Browse and upload JPG files to the JPG to TIFF Converter. Once all the files are visible on the software, give a check on them.preview jpg images
  • Click Export tab from the menu bar, pick the TIFF option for saving from the drop-down list.select tiff as saving option
  • Browse to the appropriate folder for keeping the produced files. Finally click Save button to convert JPG file to TIFF.click save to convert jpg to tiff

In a few seconds, your JPG images will be converted to TIFF files. When it’s finished, the tool will show you the details. Move on to another component of the tool now that the procedure is complete. We’d like to demonstrate some of its features to you. Examine them to discover the tool’s full capabilities.

Advantages of the JPEG File to TIFF Converter

  • Simple User Interface: JPG to TIFF Converter has the simplest and most straightforward UI. So, when you use the tool to convert JPG into TIFF, you will not face any complication.
  • Conversion Capacity: JPG File to TIFF Converter can convert JPG to TIFF in bulk. There are no limitations on the number of files you can select or convert at one time.
  • Preview: The utility to convert JPG to TIFF on Windows also allows you to preview all images before converting them. It also acts as an image file viewer, so we recommend you to check whether the image you are converting is important or not.
  • Safe and Secure: The JPG to TIFF Converter is fully secured and maintains image quality during conversion. Therefore, you can be sure that none of your images will lose their integrity.
  • Final Save location: The tool works best if you want your resulting files to be saved to a location of your choosing. The tool allows you to choose the location instead of forcing predefined location to save images.


We’ve provided you with one of the most capable JPG to TIFF converter available. The software can convert JPG to TIFF files in batches on any Windows version. The tool delivers high-quality results and simplifies the conversion process. You can download the free version from the link and start using it. Following that you may purchase the license key for unlimited conversion.