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Convert JPG File to BMP on Windows 11, 10 and Earlier Version

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Summary: Are you being asked to convert JPG file to BMP file but don’t know where to begin? Do you want an easy-to-use solution that is also compatible with Windows 10 and other versions? If so, we must ensure you that you have arrived at the correct location. Here is a simple method to convert JPG to BMP image. As a consequence, start by exploring to find that useful answer.

Why Should You Batch Convert JPG to BMP File?

Each pixel in BMP format files has its own distinct colour, creating a precise map of the image. This is not the true with graphic files in the JPG format, which are compressed. BMP photos have a greater resolution than JPG images because of this. Bitmap formats are best for images with a limited amount of colours, but JPG graphic files may hold up to 16 million.

BMP files are recommended over JPG images for image processing because they contain all image information in a single format. These are often used for little graphics and icons. Because BMP pictures are of such great quality, they are also relatively simple to edit or modify.

How to Convert JPG File to BMP File Free?

DotStella’ Image File Converter is the most impressive and safe method to convert JPG to BMP small size. The utility is the finest when it comes to converting picture files because it is only devoted to doing so. Additionally, using this tool to convert multiple JPG files to BMP requires minimal effort on your side. We have outlined the procedures necessary to convert JPG image to a BMP image using the software. Therefore, peruse them to familiarize yourself with the JPG to BMP file Converter operation.

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Step-by-Step Guide to Convert .jpg to .bmp

  • You may download JPG image to BMP Converter on any device that is compatible with Windows. After that, you need to install it and then start it in order to convert JPG file to BMP.download jpg to bmp converter tool
  • After starting the JPG to BMP converter, you will need to choose JPG files by clicking the Open tab, and then either the Choose Files or Choose Folder option depending on whether you want to convert individual files or an entire folder.choose jpg files or folders option
  • Now, navigate to the Export tab and from the list of all the possible saving options, pick BMP as the format to save the image in.select bmp as saving option
  • Next, you will need to navigate to the location where you want to save the newly created files. After making your selection click the Save button to convert JPG to bitmap.click save to convert jpg to bmp

The lesson on how to how to convert JPG file to BMP file free has come to an end with this final step in the process. When the conversion is complete, a message will be shown on the tool’s user interface. So, there you have it. Go ahead and learn more about the tool to batch convert JPG to BMP right now. We’ve gone through some of the characteristics that make it handy. Please go through them to see why this is the best option for you.

Learn about the JPG Image to BMP Converter’ Useful Features

  • Batch Convert JPG to Bitmap: The utility has the ability to convert multiple JPG files to BMP files at once. When it comes to the files you can select or convert, there are no limits.
  • 100% Safe Tool: In addition to convert photo JPG to BMP, the tools do it in a safe manner. All of the characteristics are preserved and there is no risk of losing anything.
  • Target Location: Rather than requiring you to utilize the default location, the JPG to BMP file converter lets you specify where the output files should go.
  • Dual Mode: If you’re converting JPG to BMP, the application has two options for selecting JPG. You have the option of using a single JPG file or a collection of JPGs.
  • OS Support: You may use the tool to convert JPG to BMP Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, and any earlier version. This JPG image to BMP converter works with any version of Windows.
  • Preview: The utility allows you to see your files in addition to convert JPG file to BMP online free. Prior to conversion, the tool allows you to inspect all of the submitted photographs.


Your fears regarding the JPG file format may now be extinguished by simply doing the conversion yourself. We’ve provided you with the most powerful tool to batch convert JPG to BMP. An all-in-one application, the JPG Image to BMP Converter has many useful features. Batch JPG conversion is possible. If you want to convert JPG file to BMP quickly and easily, give this software a try.